Boys Will be Boys

Guest post

Moms – our boys are studying us. They are watching everything we do.

Like it or not I am who they will marry. No, I’m not talking literally here, but the qualities they see in me are the same ones they will search out for a wife.  I don’t even like me sometimes and I’m fashioning the mate they will choose. YIKES! The only way they know what a mom is – is through me, the only way they know how a wife should love – is through my example, the only daughter-in-“love” they know is through me…


Boy, oh, boy am I in trouble?!?


Sure, I try to model a good mom, Christian, friend, etc. But what is my life saying when I don’t think they’re looking? (By the way, they are ALWAYS looking!) I am amazed at the conversations they pick up on when my DH and I think we’re “behind closed doors”. I’m not sure how they hear our whispered secrets and yet me calling them, for the umpteenth time, to pick up their dirty socks goes unnoticed!


I am on a mission. I want a loving, peaceful relationship with my future extended family. If I want it, I have to model it NOW. I’ve been taking my sons on “dates” and having them open doors for me. Little things like that are becoming a thing of the past. Not only am I (hopefully) helping them to be little gentlemen in the not so distant future, but the memories we are making are priceless.


We can’t just tell them how to live, we MUST show them how to live.


Your talk talks, and your walk talks.

But your walk talks louder than your talk talks!”


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