Children Confiding in Parents, It Can Be Done

Children Confiding in Parents…  It’s Difficult but CAN Be Done

Parents often have a difficult time getting their children to listen to them, let alone confide in them. Many times this parenting problem can be solved by spending quality time with the kids, in addition to using a little known parenting secret called The Salt Principle.

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Boys Will be Boys

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Moms – our boys are studying us. They are watching everything we do. Continue reading

The First Date: All you need to know in Order to Make It Ideal

Dating has become so choreographed in the last few years because it has become more difficult to find the perfect mate. There are still some things we do that is more old school and perhaps we should go back and get some tips from people older than us. I can already hearing the young people telling that that is completely unacceptable, but maybe they know something we don’t. For now, let’s look at what is expected in this new age when it comes to going on your first date. Continue reading