Baby Safe Seat by Little Tikes

Moms of babies want to know their child is safe, secure, and clean, while still being independent. The Little Tikes My First Seat allows parents to feel confident that their baby can sit up safely without having to be held. Feeding your baby on the go is much easier and cleaner when using the My First Seat by Little Tikes!

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Uses for the Little Tikes My First Seat

Whether you are feeding your baby or just wanting to give your child some time to practice sitting up, the Little Tikes My First Seat has many uses. You may want to allow your baby a chance to look at their surroundings without escaping from a certain area. What about the times you go somewhere that may not be clean to your standards and you REALLY don’t want your baby crawling all over the floor? The portability of the Little Tikes My First Seat makes it a need for all moms! 

baby safe

About the Little Tikes My First Seat

The My First Seat (made for ages four months and up) is made from foam that is soft to sit in, easy to clean, but firm enough to safely hold your child in a proper, supportive position. They are made in the USA and are made from bio-friendly and eco-friendly materials.

baby safe

The wide-leg options make the My First Seat perfect for even babies who have those squishy cute rolls on their legs. The leg openings are 3.5 inches wide. 

baby safe

The taller back on the seat provides support and encourages good posture for your little one. The larger seat allows your baby to also use the seat as a toddler. 

baby safe

Where to Buy

baby safe

Walmart offers 2-day free shipping or you can purchase it at your local Walmart.

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  1. Little Tikes, My First Seat seems terrific. What a super shower gift and I know a few moms who would love this.

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