A Quick Workout for an Adrenaline Junkie

I was just telling my 15-year-old this morning that when he was younger, I would constantly be pulling him down from climbing on top of anything, trying to catch him as he would take a leap off his bunk bed, and chase him to grab him before he darted across traffic. Yeah, he was “that kind of kid”. Always trying to give this mama a heart attack! Not a lot has changed these days, he still loves a good thrill. A little (or a lot) on the daring side. As soon as he saw the Slingshot in Kissimmee, it was ON! 

adrenaline junkie

About the Slingshot

This innovative Slingshot amusement device is by far one the most exciting vertical amusement rides available today.

Slingshot passengers are propelled over 300 feet at speeds in the region of 100 miles per hour.

I love a good roller coaster but watching the Slingshot nearly gave me a heart attack in itself. My son took it as a challenge to climb right in the seat and he was READY to soar to new heights! He went up and came right back down ready to do it again! It did his heart good to ride the Slingshot. He felt total weightlessness and LOVED it!

adrenaline junkie

After he rode the Slingshot he unbuckled and came to us laughing hysterically. As you can see in the photo above, he had set his smartwatch prior to starting the ride to test a “workout”. Needless to say, the watch showed that he had burned 87 calories in a matter of a minute! Some people love a good run or bike ride to get their heart rate up, my son… well, he loves any kind of thrill ride. 

adrenaline junkie

If you are in Central Florida and looking for a good thrill, you will find it at the Slingshot right in front of Old Town!

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  2. Wow, your son is brave and he certainly looks like he enjoyed it. Me, I think I would just watch from the ground, my heart wouldn’t be able to handle it.:)

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