6 Most Common Postpartum Health Problems

Common Postpartum Health Problems

Pregnancy is the biggest life-changing period in a woman’s life that carries both positive and negative outcomes. While giving birth to your bundle of joy is the most miraculous experience, you’re likely to be faced with various post-pregnancy health problems. From stretch marks through back pain, and to postpartum depression, a series of conditions affect new moms, so make sure you know what awaits you and are ready to face those problems like the strong woman you know you are.

Postpartum Health Problems

Hair loss

Hormone changes in your body will cause excessive hair loss even while you’re still pregnant. Unlike an average person who loses approximately 100 hairs a day, pregnant women will experience a much larger amount of hair loss. In the first six months after delivery, your body will continue to change and try to get back to its pre-pregnancy state, so during that transitional period, you can expect to lose even more hair than during pregnancy.

Vaginal Pain and Discharge

Your vagina will probably feel tender and stretched if you didn’t have a C-section, so be prepared for a slight discomfort. Vaginal discharge is a common post-delivery problem, so don’t be afraid if you see a blood or uterine lining from the pregnancy that may have stayed inside. This condition is also known as lochia and can last for a few weeks. Vaginal dryness is also one of the side effects that you may experience if you’re breastfeeding. This can make intercourse quite uncomfortable as well.

Postpartum Health Problems

Abdominal Changes

Don’t expect to get your flat stomach back soon after delivery. Not only will it take time for all the water to disappear, but your uterus will be round and hard and it will weigh about 2.5 pounds, so your abdomen will still be plump. If you’ve been wondering whether the brown line down the centre of your lower stomach will go away, don’t worry, because it will. However, if you weren’t lucky enough to avoid stretch marks, unfortunately they’ll stick with you. They will change colour, and eventually go from red to silver, so you might want to try using some creams to prevent them during the pregnancy, or try to lessen their visibility post-partum. Your midsection will be flabby for a while, but if you were fit before pregnancy, your abdomen will go back to its original state gradually.

Sore Breasts

Sore, swollen and flushed breasts are something you should also be prepared for. A day or two after the delivery they’ll be engorged with milk, and breastfeeding will probably be uncomfortable at the beginning, since your nipples will also be very sensitive and sore. After you’re done breastfeeding, the stretched skin will cause your breasts to slightly sag. A cosmetic procedure can, however, take your breasts back to their pre-pregnancy look.

Lack of Confidence

All those body changes you go through during pregnancy and after you’ve given birth can make you feel less good about yourself. If your flabby tummy and sagging breasts affect your confidence, undergoing a cosmetic surgery in Perth area will be the best solution. Highly qualified surgeons will transform your body and make it look just the way it will make you happy.

Postpartum Health Problems

Postpartum Depression

Feeling sad, hopeless, and guilty while thinking you’re not able to bond with your newborn in the right way are the first symptoms of postpartum depression. 1 in 7 mothers happen to deal with this condition, and it must be treated properly. While the symptoms of baby blues are similar to postpartum depression, the former goes away after a week or two, while the latter concerns much deeper emotional pain that can start at any time during baby’s first year. Postpartum depression must be addressed immediately for both the mother’s and the baby’s sake.

Hair loss, vaginal pain, abdominal changes, sore breasts, lack of confidence and postpartum depression are just some of the common health problems women go through after giving birth. Make sure you’re familiar with all the possible problems you may face during and post-pregnancy, so that you can solve them quickly and safely.

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3 thoughts on “6 Most Common Postpartum Health Problems

  1. I work with a young lady who is having her first child. This is a great article for her. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  2. Such important info to share!! I feel like so many women have no clue the PP issues they could have and that they are absolutely normal!! But serious ones like PPD should never be ignored or overlooked!

  3. All of these symptoms are quite typical. I’ve had 2 children, and like to add to the list as I experienced abdominal muscle seperation and incontinence. I actually had surgery yesterday to fix some things that were broken from giving birth.

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