5 Christmas Present Ideas for Your Family

Christmas Present ideas

Christmas is just around the corner. While this is the most wonderful time of the year, it’s important to stay modest and rational. Sure, Christmas and gifts go like peanut butter and jelly. However, that doesn’t mean that you should go around spending thousands of dollars on gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should skimp on gifts this year. After all, you don’t want to disappoint your family members.

Instead, my recommendation for this Christmas is to gift more thoughtful presents; something that is not valued just by its price tag. With that said, here are my five Christmas present ideas. Of course, all of my suggestions have prices, but it’s the thought that counts more.

Personalized mugs

First, we have personalized Christmas mugs. This is something that won’t cost you much, and you can even create them yourself, but it will make drinking coffee, tea, and, of course, eggnog with your family a little bit more charming. There are many different types of personalized mugs from the ones with printed pictures to the artsy ones with unique drawings. Regardless of what type you decide to go with, just remember to buy a mug for each member of your family; you don’t want to leave someone out. Finally, this gift won’t cost you more than $10-$20 per mug.

Christmas Present ideas

Candy Club Membership

The next gift idea is a Candy Club membership. Subscription-based gifts have been hugely popular in 2017, and Candy Club is one of the best. If you decide to go with this gift, you will receive a box full of Christmas-themed candy before Christmas day. Even though this gift idea is primarily intended for your small ones, that doesn’t mean that parents can’t get in on the action as well.

Nintendo Switch

Another fantastic gift idea for your kids is the Nintendo Switch. This is a brand new gaming console from Nintendo. Sure, this might cost you a couple hundred dollars, but if you want to put a smile on your children’s faces, then Nintendo Switch is the way to go. This is a perfect gaming console for your kids because it supports dozens of kid-friendly games. Also, make sure you grab a controller once in a while, and you will have a great time with your kids without a doubt.

A Gift for your Pet

While everybody remembers to buy gifts for kids and spouses, the vast majority of people forget about their furry family members. Yes, even your four-legged friend should receive a gift on Christmas Eve. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive like a new bed or a dog house. However, something simple like a new Scalibor collar or even his favorite snack will certainly put a smile on your dog’s face, even if he can’t actually show it.

Christmas Present ideas

Ticket to a Sports Event

Finally, we have a gift idea for your husband. If your man is into sports, but he doesn’t have the time to go to live events, now is a perfect time to gift him a ticket to his favorite club’s game. Of course, you can make it a special family weekend and buy tickets for everyone, but be prepared to spend a little bit more. Live sports events are a blast and you will certainly have a memorable time.

And that is about it for today. I hope that you found at least some of my Christmas gift ideas interesting. Being a mom of three boys has swayed me in one direction, but I think that all of these ideas are suitable for girls as well. Just remember to make it special this year and most importantly, to have a jolly good time; the gifts are just the icing on the cake.

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