Ten Tips Before Going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom

There is certainly plenty of fun things to do at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. With a little planning, you can make your visit even better! Here are ten quick tips to make your visit even more magical!

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Check Crowd Calendars

We have been to Disney several times over the last several years and have used these to plan each day. They use historical data and other information to estimate what the crowd will be. I can’t explain how they do it, but it really does make a difference. Plan your visit to the park on days with lower crowds if possible. Lower crowds mean fewer people which translates to shorter wait times at your favorite attractions.

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Fast Passes

Disney now allows you to book up to three Fast Passes per person before you get to the park. This will allow for shorter wait times and guarantee that you get to ride your favorite attractions. Make sure you do this early as Fast Passes can go pretty quick especially on some of the more popular rides. You are not able to get more fast passes until all three passes have been used. I recommend getting three fast passes for the morning hours on the busyest rides and then receive more fast passes for the afternoon once those three have been used. 

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Download the My Disney App

This will allow you to have on-demand information about wait times on all the attractions in the park and serves as a map with an indicator of your location in the park. This really makes navigating the park a breeze! Plus, you can view your photos taken each day on the My Disney App.

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Go Left!

I know it sounds pretty simple but if you are arriving at the park opening, go to the left first. Why? Studies have shown that the majority people will naturally go to the right when entering a park. By going to the left, you may find a smaller crowd and may get a few quick rides in before the bigger crowd makes its way over to your side of the park! We always try to go to the left and then towards the back of the park, making our way to the front. 

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Make Sure You Have Plenty of Sunscreen

Remember this is Florida, the Sunshine State! While zipping around the park even on cooler days, you can get to much sun before you know it! Talk about a buzz kill, being sunburned can turn memories into miserable times in no time flat! Be sure to reapply for the day!

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Bring Your Own Snacks and Drinks

While many folks visiting Disney will take advantage of the dining plan, it is only available to those staying on property. We have used it before and really enjoyed it! For the rest of us not staying on property, bringing snacks and drinks are allowed as long as there are no glass bottles. Not only can this save some money on food expenses, it can also be a good way to make sure everyone stays hydrated! Having that snack handy might even save a meltdown from the little ones should you have to wait in line for a while! Small cups of water are available, free of charge at most of the venues as well.

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Have Your Camera Ready and Available at All Times!

Remember this is the most magical place on earth! You never know what adventure or character you may see around the next corner! Being able to capture your child’s initial reaction to seeing their favorite character for the first time can provide some great keepsakes of some amazing memories! One of my favorite pictures was a candid moment between my oldest and my youngest child after the show at the castle! Kids are spontaneous, so be ready!

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Pin Trading

One of our kid’s favorite things was the pin trading. Each of our kids had their own lanyards with Disney trading pins. Now if you are looking to really hook your kids up, going on eBay is a great way to buy larger lots at cheaper prices. Once in the parks, you will find that many of the employees will have their own lanyards. Retail locations will have boards with pins on them, just ask! The employees will gladly trade ANY pin on a one for one basis. In addition, many of the guests that have pins will trade with each other. This is a great way to help pass the time while waiting for the next attraction. Pins MUST be official Disney pins.

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Meet Mickey

Even though we have been to Disney several times, we had not been in a few years! Sometime in between photos, Mickey began to talk to guest at the Magic Kingdom (in his own Mickey voice)! This takes his meet and greets to a whole new level! Whether a first-time visitor or your 100th time, make sure you stop by to let Mickey say hello!

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Don’t Miss the Castle Projection Show, Once Upon a time!

While the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom are some of the best in the world and a treat for the guest of all ages, many folks are unaware of the Once Upon a Time Show that follows! Listen and watch as Mrs. Potts from the classic Beauty and the Beast tells her son Chip some of the classic Disney stories. As she tells the story, the castle becomes a virtual movie screen of sorts as the story unfolds right before you, covering the castle in a breathtaking display!

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With a little preparation and planning, you will have a magical experience far beyond your expectations at the Magic Kingdom!

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12 Replies to “10 Important Reminders Before Going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom”

  1. We are going to Disneyland this summer for the first time so I am soaking up all the tips I can get! Thank you!

  2. We’ve never been to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Thank you for sharing the great tips!

  3. We just love going to the Magic Kingdom. It is so magical. These are some great tips for your day at the park. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  4. I can’t wait to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom again. Any tips or advice is certainly welcome!

  5. I haven’t been in a really long time and reading all this makes me want to go back. These are some great tips, I didn’t know about the new app that would be great and going to the left, I never would’ve thought about that.

  6. Your tip about turning left when you enter the park is so simple, but I think it’s probably true. I typically turn right when entering grocery stores or parks.

  7. My husband and I took our kids to Disney when they were really little and we had a wonderful time. However, if I would have known that they wouldn’t remember any of it, I would have waited until they were a little older! Otherwise, it was amazing.

  8. I had no idea there was such a thing as crowd calendars for Disney – such a great tip! Thanks for sharing!

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