“Lady and the Tramp” Joins the Walt Disney Signature Collection

Walt Disney Signature Collection Adds “Lady and the Tramp”

Lady and the Tramp” is a childhood favorite. Now, it is back on the shelves to purchase so that you can share this classic with your own children. Lady and the Tramp makes the sixth Disney movie included in the Walt Disney Signature Collection with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, Bambi, and the Lion King. 

walt disney signature collection

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Magic Kingdom Characters to Know Before Visiting

Preparing Your Little Ones for Meeting Magic Kingdom Characters

Growing up watching all the classic Disney movies allowed me to learn the looks and even personalities of the Disney characters. It is easy to assume that our children MUST know all the characters… they ARE Disney characters, right?! How could they NOT know who Chip, Sebastian, and Roo are? My four year old has not had the time to learn all these famous Disney characters the way you and I have. While preparing for our upcoming trip to Disney, I put together this fun list of characters to add some extra magic to our visit. We are making sure my daughter is up to speed on all the Magic Kingdom Disney characters she will see and meet! 

Magic Kingdom Characters

courtesy of Walt Disney World

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Minnie Helping Hearts on Disney DVD, February 6th

 Minnie Helping Hearts on Disney DVD, February 6th

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Disney’s NEW Minnie, Helping Hearts DVD releases on Tuesday, February 5th, 2018. We have a Minnie-crazed four-year-old in our home. She even gets to meet Minnie next month at Disney World! 

Happy Hearts

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The Lion Guard – The Rise of Scar on Disney DVD Giveaway Ends 1/30

I have an exciting giveaway for you! You have a chance to win The Lion Guard – The Rise of Scar on Disney DVD! It’s the latest release from Disney Jr. My kids are a little older but they still love to watch this fun show!

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Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar Available Now on DVD

Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

Everyone is familiar with the 1994 Disney movie, The Lion King. A classic story of triumph and adventure through animation and powerful music, The Lion King was loved all across the world. Now, The familiar lions are back in Disney Junior’s, The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar. Get ready to roar with Simba and Nala in the 132 minute, 5 episode DVD!

Lion Guard Movie

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