10 Important Reminders Before Going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Ten Tips Before Going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom

There is certainly plenty of fun things to do at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. With a little planning, you can make your visit even better! Here are ten quick tips to make your visit even more magical!

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Magic Kingdom Characters to Know Before Visiting

Preparing Your Little Ones for Meeting Magic Kingdom Characters

Growing up watching all the classic Disney movies allowed me to learn the looks and even personalities of the Disney characters. It is easy to assume that our children MUST know all the characters… they ARE Disney characters, right?! How could they NOT know who Chip, Sebastian, and Roo are? My four year old has not had the time to learn all these famous Disney characters the way you and I have. While preparing for our upcoming trip to Disney, I put together this fun list of characters to add some extra magic to our visit. We are making sure my daughter is up to speed on all the Magic Kingdom Disney characters she will see and meet! 

Magic Kingdom Characters

courtesy of Walt Disney World

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