VersaHoop Rises Above Other Basketball Hoops #Review

VersaHoop – Unlike Other Basketball Hoops on the Market

We have been through numerous basketball goals that hang on my boy’s bedroom door. Unfortunately, they have broken all the others (most within the very first day of use). VersaHoop basketball goal is very different than the others though!

My boys both love basketball. We have a basketball court basically right outside our door. Even though they play out there a lot, some days it is not the best weather to play outside or they just would rather play inside. VersaHoops has been a great solution to allowing them to be active and electronic free while still finding it FUN!


VersaHoop Hoop Options

The VersaHoop with Door Hooks comes with a couple foam inserts that attaches to the steel hook which allows it to fit each door perfectly! If you don’t want a plain hoop, you can even choose to have it custom made with a name and color of your choice! Check out the Build-A-Hoop option!

Versa Hoop Mounting Options

Most of the time over the door baskets are made of all plastic. VersaHoop Door Hooks is hung with an 18 gauge steel door hook making it extra sturdy. The backboard is lightweight but still very durable. I would compare it to the same type of thickness material as a plastic folding table! 


With different brackets to mount the VersaHoop, you mount them just about anywhere! VersaHoops offers hoops with suction cup mounting, steel brackets, and mounting brackets that fit on poles. This allows you to attach the hoops anywhere! 

Where VersaHoop Can Be Used

Just a few of the places you can use VersaHoops:

  • RVing
  • Tailgating
  • Trampolines
  • Backyard Playsets
  • Beach
  • Houseboats
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming Pools
  • Indoor Frames
  • Bunk Beds
  • Deck Posts
  • and more

VersaHoop Basketball Hoops are all made in the US! 

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