Upgrades to Perform on Your Bathroom as You Age

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms of the home, where you spend time bathing and getting ready each day. As you age and get older, the bathroom can become less functional and safe to navigate. There are a few important upgrades to make for your bathroom as you age to create a setting that is easy to use and doesn’t put your safety at risk.

bathroom as you age

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars can provide you with additional support when you’re standing up from the toilet or are getting in and out of the shower. Grab bars are extremely sturdy and can provide you with more confidence and independence as you perform different tasks in the bathroom. The bars can also prevent you from slipping and falling. Multiple grab bars should be present throughout the bathroom in places that include the outside of the tub, the inside of the shower, near the toilet, inside the tub, and on the bathtub.

Lever Faucets

Lever faucets are convenient to use because they require a lot less strength and effort compared to faucets that twist. They can make it easy to turn the water on and off when you have joint pain or a lack of strength.

Low Threshold Walk-In Shower

One of the most common challenges that many older adults have with bathing is getting in and out of the bath due to the high threshold. This is difficult for adults with limited mobility and can lead to accidents. Consider hiring a professional for a tub to shower conversion to make it easier to bathe without putting your safety at risk. 

Zero-threshold showers are also convenient if you have a wheelchair or walker that you use. They easily slide into the shower due to the lack of obstructions present.

Adding a built-in seat or stool in the shower can also provide you with a place to sit to avoid standing as you bathe. You can simply walk into the shower without having to climb over any thresholds and sit down, making it much easier to get clean and a lot safer. This will provide you with a safer way of cleansing yourself without the risk of slipping and falling. Adding a rubber mat to the floor of the shower can also offer more stability.

There are many different options available when you want to update your bathroom as you age and install new upgrades. You can alter your environment to accommodate your specific needs to ensure you can continue to get plenty of use out of the setting and feel comfortable using it.

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