Tips for Feeding a Large Crowd

Tips for feeding a crowd at your next gathering

If you are in charge of planning dinner for a large crowd, you may think that all that planning is a bit intimidating and kind of stressful. However, there are some tips you can follow to make things a bit easier when planning.

The first thing you will need to consider is how much food you will need exactly. The number of people that you are having over for dinner is not the only consideration when it comes to the food. The age of the people and the length of the dinner party also needs to be taken into consideration. For instance, teenagers eat more food than seniors do. If you are making dishes that are often well-liked such as potato salad, you want to make a bit extra since people may take an extra helping. Also, be sure you have more than just the entrée, you also want to add a side dish, salad, dessert and possibly a few appetizers.


As a general rule, there are some guidelines you can follow when it comes to figuring out individual portion sizes for your dinner guests. If you are doing appetizers, plan for 6-7 appetizer pieces per person. Plan one cup of soup per person, six ounces of chicken or meat per person, five ounces of potatoes or pasta per person and 1-2 pieces of dessert per person. For beverages, plan on two drinks per hour per person. If you are serving punch, plan on one gallon for every 10 dinner guests.



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Keep your menu simple and easy. You will want to choose food items that have minimal preparation times. Everyone has different tastes so be sure you stick to food favorites like chicken, potatoes, salad, pasta and veggies, for instance. You can also choose foods to freeze ahead of time so they can be reheated at dinner.



I hope these tips will make planning your next large dinner party a breeze!


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