Thinking of Buying an EBike?

buying an ebike
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Take a look at different styles of e-bikes & choose what suits you best.

E-bikes are a hot topic around the world! They are fun to ride, look stylish, and have fantastic utility. For those who don’t know what an e-bike is, it is a hybrid bicycle that is equipped with a motor and battery built onto the frame. The battery operates on electricity and provides power to the motor to assist you every step of the way. There are many kinds of e-bikes, each coming in different designs and styles. Each design has its own utilities and features, and you can even get your ebike customized to tailor your specific needs. If you are interested in buying an ebike, you should know what options are available to make the best decision possible. 

Here is a list of different types of e-bikes that are available on the market:

Folding/Compact Electric bikes: These e-bikes are built to be compact and portable! They can easily be folded and carried for easy storage, whether in your garage, home, or office. Folding bikes come in low-step and crossbar designs. Usually, they have small tires. These bikes are ideal for casual riding in the park or covering short distances. 

Cargo E-bikes: These bikes are designed to carry heavy loads on two wheels. Cargo bikes come in two different variants:

1. Bakfiets (popularly known as loader bikes): These bikes have the cargo box placed between the rider and the head wheel. 

2. Med-tails or longtails: In these bikes, the cargo is placed at the rear of the bike. 

Cargo bikes are incredibly versatile! They are used by delivery agents to deliver food, parcels, etc, and can also accommodate your pets or small children. If you travel often with extra luggage or a passenger (or two!), going for a cargo ebike is the right choice to make. 

Tandem Electric bikes: If you like riding in pairs, then this e-bike is for you. These bikes have two seats and a synchronized pedalling system, meaning both cyclists can simultaneously pedal the bike! The double pedaling system on a tandem allows for a greater speed boost compared to a one-seater e-bike. Electric tandem bikes are great for family rides, couple excursions, or simply a relaxing ride with a friend.

Mountain electric bikes: If you consider yourself a thrill-seeker, then a mountain electric bike is what you need. These bikes are designed to handle tough mountain terrain. Mountain e-bikes usually have large knobby tires for better grip, a powerful braking system, and wide handlebars for ultimate control on the slopes. These bikes are built tough and are heavier than ordinary e-bikes.

City electric bikes: These bikes are especially popular and are designed for cruising through the urban areas and traffic. City electric bikes are sleek, stylish, and durable. These bikes also have a simple design that can be customized to increase comfort for the rider. Their frame is comparatively thinner and lighter than heavier set bikes such as mountain e-bikes.

Hybrid electric bikes: These ebikes can be seen as a blend between mountain and city e-bikes. Hybrid electric bikes are known as incredibly versatile bikes, and can be ridden in the city and the countryside alike. Usually, these bikes have flat handlebars, with knobby tires that are a little less thick than a mountain bike, but a bit more than the city bikes. The best of both worlds!

There is an ebike for everyone! Today, e-bikes are one of the most comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective modes of transportation. From carrying luggage on a cargo ebike, going on off-road adventures on your electric mountain ebike, or a simple stroll in the city on an electric city bike, there are many reasons why owning an e-bike will improve your lifestyle. Unlike regular bicycles, e-bikes are not as physically demanding thanks to its assisted pedalling system, making them user-friendly for elderly and disabled people. E-bikes also come with w plethora of health benefits, as well as represent one of the most environmentally sustainable modes of transportation available on the market. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to hit the brakes of your car and ride electric on your very own e-bike!