Stay at Home Mom Heading Back to Work

A Stay At Home Mom Back to Work

Before my children were even born, I had made the decision that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I knew there was a big sacrifice I would be making by quitting my job. Bills would be harder to pay which would mean we would need to make choices to stick with generic brands, eat more meals at home, and try cutting any and all corners we could to make it work. The benefits of staying at home with my babies were far greater of a blessing than money could ever be! Now, it is time for this mama to go from being a stay a home mom back to work, working a public job. 

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Tips for Finding the Right Childcare

Are You a Stay-at-Home Parent Returning to Work? Tips for Finding the Right Childcare

As a parent, your child is your most prized treasure. It’s a natural desire to do everything in your power to ensure their safety and happiness. That’s why many parents feel a certain level of anxiety at the thought of sending their children to daycare or in the care of another adult while they head back to work. If this is your current conundrum, understand that there are ways to find the right childcare to ease your fears and keep your child happy and safe.

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You Should Know These Six Tricks for Better Work Life Balance

You Should Know These Six Tricks for Better Work Life Balance

Many people believe that work is an essential means to live a happy life, generate wealth, and have a roof over their heads. However, while work is necessary for making incomes and profits, it is not the whole thing, and we should never treat it that way either.

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Perfect Earbuds for Winter Weather Work

 Perfect Earbuds for Winter Work

Winter has been in full force around our neck of the woods. Typically, we do not get very much snow (maybe 2 inches or so through the entire winter). This year, we have already had close to a foot of snow and we are only half way through winter! Crazy weather! For us, snow is FUN but it also means there is work to be done. Sometimes unexpected snow adds some random (and not so fun) jobs to be accomplished. Any task is more enjoyable with music through a set of perfect earbuds! 

Jaybird is a My Four and More Valentine Gift Idea Recommendation!

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