A Stay At Home Mom Back to Work

Before my children were even born, I had made the decision that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I knew there was a big sacrifice I would be making by quitting my job. Bills would be harder to pay which would mean we would need to make choices to stick with generic brands, eat more meals at home, and try cutting any and all corners we could to make it work. The benefits of staying at home with my babies were far greater a blessing than money could ever be! Now, it is time for this mama to go from being a stay a home mom back to work, working a public job. 

stay at home

My goal was to be a stay-at-home mom until my children graduated so I could be there any time they were off school, attend school functions, and be there for all sports events. My husband and I made the decision to send them to a private school a few years ago. All three of my children are now in school. We have a rising junior in high school, a rising seventh grader, and a rising first grader! 

Why Do Teens Have to Cost So Much?!

We are not the ones to spoil our children. I have never been one to buy toys throughout the year “just because”. We don’t buy brand-name clothes unless the clearance price is cheaper than clothes from Walmart. Let’s face it, the older children get, the more expensive they become. Clothes for a teenager are twice the price of a toddler outfit. Oh, these kids know how to drain a bank account! Ha!

Happy meals don’t make my older two happy anymore. We have a child who is finishing up driver’s ed tomorrow!! Sports activities all cost an arm and a leg with all the gear, the cost to play, and the travel expenses for all the away games (plus admission and concession prices). Add private school costs to the list and we decided it was time for me to look into getting a job. I wanted a job that was flexible enough that I could still be involved in my children’s daily life while making ends meet. While we still skimp on as much as possible, we also want our children to be able to participate in sports, attend a private school, and enjoy travel! To continue to do so, meant me heading back to work!

back to work

Finding the Perfect Job

I had several job opportunities but couldn’t find one as flexible as I wished for. I almost gave in after feeling like I would never be able to find a position that met everything on my wish list. That was until my children’s principal approached me about working at the school. I am stoked about the opportunity! I know there will be some sacrifices to make by taking this new job but it will allow me to still be just as involved with my children while giving us some breathing room financially.

Must-Have Before Starting My New Job

I have several items that I knew were a must before starting work. There are still a few things I need to purchase but for the most part, I am set to go! 

I know as a working mom, I will be trusting my crock pot to do some cooking while I am working. My Thirty-One Planner has always been well-used. With starting a full-time job, I will need to be sure to be more strict with planning out my meals and my scheduling my weekly to-dos. I know I will need to keep all my ducks in a row to make this transition work!

back to work

Thirty-One Products Make Me Happy

I know I will have to tote my calendar, some writing utensils, and other miscellaneous items with me back and forth from home to work. A friend of mine has the All Around Tote in the Dotted Geo Pebble pattern from Thirty-One. I fell in love with the pattern and the size of the tote. If you know me by now, you know my love for Thirty-One Products. Thirty-One products hold up much better than any other bags I have ever owned. Plus, the prints and monogram options make me fall in love that much more. 

thirty one

Matching Accessories

The All Around Tote comes in several solid colors but I loved the clean, stylish look of the Dotted Geo Pebble pattern. Knowing it had a wallet (All About the Benjamins Wallet) to match, I had to get one of those too! I can throw my calendar and other books in the tote while keeping my cards, license, and cash all organized in one place within the All Around Tote for an easy transfer into my purse after work hours. 

thirty one

Now, for my pens. I hate having to dig for pens at the bottom of my bags. Also, I have had pens bust or be left open way too many times to count. Keeping them stored in a separate bag inside my All Around Tote was important to me. Quick access and less possibility of a mess! I chose to get the Fields of Gold Pebble Rubie Mini. It is the perfect size to keep a mixture of pens and pencils inside!

thirty one

Now, all I need to be set for my new job is a few new outfits and something to pack my lunch with each day! I got a Thirty-One Around the Clock Thermal as a teacher gift but I think I may order one for myself! 

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