Retire the Iron

Retire the Iron

Being a busy Mom, it seems like my work is never done. One of the jobs I dread the most is laundry. More specifically, IRONING the laundry. It’s so time-consuming, and time is something that I don’t have a lot of. But it has to be done because I want my family to look their very best at all times. As a youth pastor, my husband often wears khakis and a collared shirt. If I didn’t iron those, they would look horrible! And the school that my boys attend requires them to wear a collared shirt. Those collars have to be pressed! So there’s absolutely no way that I can avoid ironing. 

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Marriage Made In Heaven

Guest Post

It seems these days that a lasting marriage is almost a thing of the past.  It has become all too easy to just call it quits for some couples.  As women, we must realize our proper role in the relationship. We have to do our part even if our spouse seems to be led astray.  No one said that being married was going to be easy.  However, you can have a joyful long lasting marriage with a little patience, work, and loving sacrifice.  Selflessness comes to my mind when I think of what it takes to turn a failing marriage around. Continue reading

Learning To Be Still When Everything is CRAZY Around You

Being Still is NOT My Personality

For those who don’t know me, I am one of those who usually has a daily list longer than time would allow within 24 hours. I stay up at all hours of the night to finish my list. If I don’t have something to get done, I make up stuff that I FEEL NEEDS to be done. 

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