Keeping Family Safe with SafetyPIN

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SafetyPIN Checks Backgrounds on Babysitters, Housekeepers, and Other

In-Home Help to Keep Your Family Safe

As a parent or caregiver, keeping your family safe is of the utmost importance. This is especially true when you turn to the convenience of the Internet to hire babysitters, housekeepers, etc. This is my family and I choose to keep my family SAFE!

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Make Your Bathroom Safe for Your Kids

Make Your Bathroom Safe for Your Kids

Written by Guest Writer Diana Smith

A bathroom is a place of relaxation, but it’s hard to relax when there are so many hazards for your child. Razors, cleaning chemicals, meds, hot irons and drowning hazards represent a serious danger to your child’s health and safety. However, with only a few modifications and clever tips, you can relax knowing your kid is safe in your bathroom.

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