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A mom should always have a way to escape the daily stressors that come with being a mom. It can be difficult to get out of the house but that is NO excuse for neglecting downtime. A good soak in the tub is NOT just for hygiene reasons, it also is a great way to destress! 

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Not Any Typical Bath

A big part of a stress free bath is the atmosphere you create for your bath time. Fill up your tub with some hot water, light some good smelling candles, turn on some soft music, turn off the lights and throw in your favorite Luxe by Mr. Bubbles Bath Bomb. Now, all you have to do is turn your phone on silent and soak! As long as someone is in charge of watching your children, put some headphones on and mute out the chatter! RELAX!!!

The Impression of Luxe by Mr. Bubbles at the Store Alone

Before you even take a bath, Luxe’s unique retro-chic, kitschy packaging will be sure to entice you. Seriously, look how unique their packaging is. It makes me think back to days when moms were a little less chaotic. Life was a little simpler and even though technology didn’t allow as many shortcuts, moms didn’t feel the overstressed demands of the 20th century to be on the go for at least 12 hours a day! The packaging in itself makes me think of slowing down and just enjoying life!

stress free

What Luxe has to Offer

Whether you want to mix up your scents, colors, and types of bath bombs or if you are just particular with sticking to just one type, Luxe has enough of a variety to allow everyone to be happy! 

Meltaway Bath Candies

Soak in a ultra-moisturizing cocoa and shea butter bath by adding Meltaway Bath Candies. Choose from the original Bubble scent or the Sweet & Clean scent. Both are rich in vitamins E and C which will help nourish your skin. 

Glam Bomb and Beauty Bomb

Go BIG with a Glam Bomb or the Beauty Bomb. Different scents and different colors but both will float, spin, swirl, and give you a show in the tub! These are available at Walgreens.

stress free

You Are a Bombshell Gift Set

Four bath bombs mean FOUR baths! YES! I am totally good with that idea. There is something extra relaxing about hearing all the fizzing going on when you add these bath bombs to your bath water!

The set features four bombs in the decadent Sweet & Clean scent.


Milk & Cookies Tub Time Retreat

This three piece set includes more than just bath bombs. Enjoy the Splish Splash Moisturizing Milk Bubble Bath which will pack your tub full of great smelling bubbles that will also leave your skin full of moisture. The set also comes with two different bath bombs… your milk and cookies. Dunk & Fizz Cocoa Bath Bomb and the Shea Butter Cookie Bath Bombs will nourish your skin and leave you so relaxed… maybe a little hungry! 

Even the full sets are only a max of $15 or less! You can’t beat it, especially for the quality of the product! Now, it is time for a much-deserved escape! Head to ULTA or Target and find the perfect Luxe products to unwind and refresh yourself!

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