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Creativity and Compatability – Building Toys and Game

Some children are naturally creative while others need a little more encouragement in the creativity area. Creativity can come through practice but how do you get them to practice creativity if they don’t have much of a desire? Find toys like Brik to gain their interest which in turn provides creative play.

Building toys

About Brik

This Lego compatible product gives children endless play. The many creative options one has while playing with Brik’s Building Brick Set provides children to come up with new, creative ideas. They can choose simple creations or more detailed ones. Adding the new Trap and Gap Baseplate ramps up the fun. 

Building toys

NEW Trap and Gap Baseplate

The Trap and Gap Baseplate reminds me of a parking garage but my son thought immediately of it being a fort for his mini figures. The four stories of baseplates have trap doors and ramps that your children can adjust as they please. My son loves using it to create a storyline with his mini-figures but he can also add bricks to create a customized house, parking deck, fort, you name it! The possibilities are all in the hands of your child!

Building toys

Classic Big Bricks

Brik’s doesn’t want to leave out the smaller children so they also have the Classic Big Bricks to help encourage even the little tikes to be creative. Starting your children “building” young increases their creativity for later. 

Building toys

Brik Buster Tower Toppling Game

The Brik Buster Tower Toppling Game was a huge hit with my eleven and five-year-old. They don’t often find projects they enjoy doing together considering one is a boy and one is a girl with a six-year age difference between them. The Brik Buster Tower Toppling Game was a “different story” (pun intended)! The excitement and anticipation as they tapped each piece with a hammer were priceless. They knew that at any moment, the entire tower could come crashing down. 

Building toys

Playing the game is only half the fun. They also enjoy building the tower to play the game. I love seeing them working together for one good! That makes this mama’s heart happy! The looks on both of their faces as the tower was coming down in the next picture make me laugh!

Building toys

Get creative with Brik’s sets! 

Building toys


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2 thoughts on “Building Toys and Game by Brik

  1. I think the Brik toys are good for children who have to be seeing something come to fruition with their efforts at playing. Using the Briks to build something helps them see an end result that they’ve made on their own. I like the Virtuoso Bear because I think it would help calm a child after an active day of play or make playtime when building with the Briks more enjoyable because they could listen to music while using their hands to make something they can then play with.

  2. I love how Brik toys allow children to have fun, learn and be creative all at the same time.

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