Security Systems – 5 Surveillance Hacks for Better Security

Hackers are always in a state to break security systems, and the processes to break them is not as difficult as they used to be. People are mostly unaware that their security setups can be hacked easily. Even might not believe that the smart interlopers can also override the home complex security passwords. People used to fix the hidden cameras for their security purposes and promote those security systems and keep them aware of the vulnerabilities. It could make their security system prone to hackers because there are various ways to stay ahead of hackers. 

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Many things can be done to decrease the chances for someone to gain access to the security cameras. 

Here are a few surveillance hacks of those for better security purposes you should follow that are as below:

Hack # 1:- Create complex passwords and change them often

Setting easy passwords can make your security systems easy to hack. It could be like making it easy for the hacker to hack initially. Don’t put the easy passwords just like your name, birthdays on your passwords. Instead, try to fix a complex password that should be 12 digits long. Add numbers, capital letters, punctuations, symbols, etc., to make that password a complex one. Keep on changing your passwords from time to time, with complicated combinations to keep hackers always in a challenging show while doing so.

Hack # 2: – Fix the two-factor authentication

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Setting two-factor authentication is highly favorable while settling a security system. Two-factor authentication helps to get a log in twice to get into your account. It also brings notifications to your account while someone is trying to get into your account. The hackers will try even ones to get into it, and if failed so, they will move for another prey if you are fixing a six-digit verification code sent to your phone to get yourself logged in into an online account. Due to this, the hacker won’t get in without access to your phone or email address.

Hack # 3:- Use encrypted signals

Guarantee the signs sent for recordings and controls are encoded. Our frameworks at the National Monitoring Center (NMC) are equipped for utilizing elevated level encryptions to guarantee that nobody else can see your recordings and pictures.

Hack # 4:- Keep on updating the device regularly

It is always necessary for you to keep on updating your surveillance devices. Even the surveillance cameras also expect users to update them either manually or automatically. So after every period, you need to check if the updates are available. If available so, get your device updated too. You can also set up the manual security setup updates if you got an option. In case you are not updating the device, you might end up with old software usage that does not undergo the rigorous testing. If you won’t correct, you risk yourself as a personal leak that could be highly devastating. 

Hack # 5:- Upgrade to a cloud-based system and double-check camera logs

Whenever fixing a surveillance system, you need to store footage in a cloud. Various tech companies offer cloud-based storage systems that can install the latest software updates to patch vulnerabilities soon they are discovered, Deriason said.  

Ordinarily, checking the camera logs is a simple method to know whether somebody has played with your security framework. A few surveillance cameras can show the IP tends to that got to your cameras. If you locate any dubious one, change your entrance codes quickly, and inform the correct specialists.


In today’s world, to install surveillance setups is highly important to keep the surroundings safe and sound. For such purpose, one should have the updated systems and sharp configurations for wise safety because hackers will never stop pondering you until and unless they will achieve to target you.

So, keep on using the latest hacks and techniques from time to time for better safety after settling the surveillance setups.

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