A Little Self-Care

2020 has been a year to remember. It’s one that will go in the history books, no doubt. While the world seems to be hanging in the balance, make have stressed in ways they never thought was humanly impossible. Jobs were at stake, health was uncertain, depression crept in from the lack of human contact and life as we knew it was nowhere in sight. 

Self-care seems to be more needed than ever yet with all the concerns and doubt, that’s the last thing most everyone has on their minds. It’s time to stop, breathe, and take care of yourself! Maybe you know a loved one who needs to take a break and focus a little time and attention on their emotional and physical needs. What a better gift to give than something to help H.E.A.L after this crazy year! 


H.E.A.L’s Stress Reliever Kit provides relief from life’s daily stresses. Begin with a bath or foot soak with the OSI Magnesium Bath Flakes. Then drop a few drops of H.E.A.L’s Relaxation Essential Oil Blend into your water. Spray the Magnesium Oil directly onto the areas of your body that feel sore or have achy muscles and massage gently while soaking. After your relaxing bath, liberally apply the OSI Magnesium Body Lotion and gently massage it into your skin. Once finished, you will feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the holiday season. And the best thing is, you can repeat as often as you like!


The holiday season can be extremely stressful as we rush around trying to get everything done in time for Christmas. This stress leaves us all tense and in dire need of relaxation. So why not give the gift of relaxation with the H.E.A.L’s Holiday Gift Kit? It comes complete with the perfect natural health products to use anytime that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the holidays. You get an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser With Color Changing LED, a 2 Pack of Vanilla, Cinnamon & Nutmeg Ear Candles, and a 0.5oz bottle of Holiday Spice Essential Oil. This is a perfect gift idea for anyone on your gift list. 


Don’t start 2021 off without a little self-care! Head over to H.E.A.L. (Healthy, Energy, Amazing, Life) and find the perfect self-care gift for you!

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