Why Remote Learning Should Be a Permanent Option

remote learning
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Remote learning has become invaluable in recent years, and though a lot of schools have gone back to having lessons strictly on location, there are a lot of people who would benefit from having remote learning remain an option for their education, whether it is for grade school or for college. Consider the following reasons why remote learning should be a permanent option.

Some Children Learn Better By Learning Remotely

Not all children learn the same way, nor should they be expected to. Unfortunately, due to current learning standards, all children are required to behave the same way while they are learning on location, and any quirks or uncommon behaviors tend to get the child reprimanded, even if the behavior is involuntary. Sometimes various behaviors are triggered by stressful environments, and school can be very stressful for a child of any age. Remote learning allows children to be in a familiar environment while learning what they need to, and if they are having a fit or episode, they can mute or be muted until things quiet down. This allows them to learn without having to miss anything due to being sent out into the hall or to the principal’s office.

It Is More Convenient For Attendance Purposes

One of the things that schools are plagued by is poor attendance records, especially when the majority of students have to miss at least a few days due to a contagious virus, especially during flu season. With making remote learning an option, more students can improve their attendance records, even if they are a little sick. There are some who worry that attendance would actually be worse because not every student has an electronic device that they can use for remote learning. However, there are more schools and online colleges offering free laptops than ever before, which promotes remote learning without having to make a student or their family foot the bill for a computer that they cannot afford.

It Opens Up Possibilities for Preferred Education

With learning on location, parents have to carefully choose which nearby school district they want to enroll their children in, and it can be stressful if none of the districts are either accredited or have a good graduation rate. Parents in that situation would understandably be upset at having to settle for a sub-par school rather than getting the best education for their children, and doing so might lead them to wonder whether they are making things harder for their children because of it. With remote learning, parents might be able to select a school that is a few towns or even a few states over if they so choose, as their child would not have to worry about living in the area to go to school. This would, in turn, make schools reevaluate their teaching standards and make overdue improvements to their curriculum so they could keep getting funded.

Remote learning has revolutionized education, and it should remain an option indefinitely. Not everyone can make it to a physical school building, and it would promote inclusion and a better education system overall without putting stress on the families of the children who have a hard time learning on-site.

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