Portable Comfort for Baby and Parents With Squishy Mat

Squishy Mat Offers Comfort Wherever You Go

Getting down on the floor, for most adults, can be uncomfortable but so beneficial when you have little ones! Now, parents can get down with their little ones and still be comfortable with a Squishy Mat.

Squishy Mat

What is a Squishy Mat? 

Squishy Mat is a portable, padded mat for parents to get down to an eye level with their children anywhere they go! With almost one inch of memory foam tucked inside the mat, the Squishy Mat comes in a variety of three different sizes depending on what you plan to use it for. Size options include:

The world’s first baby memory foam mat that folds for quick storage and transport.

Every Squishy Mat folds up and has a carrying handle making it very portable… great for trips to the park, traveling, or even just play time in the backyard! It also protects your little ones from dirty floors as well! The non-slip rubber grip backing makes it safe for children of all ages which is especially important when using it as a changing pad! 

How Does it Feel?

That’s an easy question to answer… it feels super soft and squishy! It feels like you are sitting on a small foam mattress regardless if you are on the pavement, grass, or wood floors. The minky micro flannel top is extremely soft making it extra comfortable! 

Squishy Mat

My Thoughts

When it comes to babies, three of my biggest concerns is making sure they are safe, secure, and comfortable. Squishy Mats are definitely comfortable. It gives parents a way to be comfortable WITH the child which ties in comfort, security, AND safety. The interaction between parents and child is so very important when you have little ones. Having one on one attention from mom and dad gives children the security they need to help build their emotional foundation in life!

Squishy Mat

Squishy Mats are perfect for active lifestyles. Whether you use Squishy Mat for an outdoor concert, another child’s soccer game, or even just as a diaper changing pad, you will find out quickly that Squishy Mats will benefit both you and your baby!

Squishy Mat

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