Less Mess With SnackPals Portion Control Snack Dispenser

SnackPals Snack Dispenser for Toddlers

Are you tired of cereal, goldfish, or other toddler snack making a mess on the floor or in your vehicles? SnackPals allows children to have smaller portions at a time, preventing them from cramming too much in their mouth at one time as well as keeps spills to a minimum!


Benefits to SnackPals

The dishwasher safe, SnackPals Portion Control Snack Dispenser dispenses snacks a few at a time which keeps more food in their mouths instead of all over the floor. My daughter has probably spilled well over a full box of cereal within the last year from knocking full bowls over or from trying to put too many pieces in her mouth at once.


I am sure you can picture a toddler in your life who has a handful of cereal trying to transfer the cereal from their little hands inside their mouth while pieces continue to fall on the floor (only to later be crushed as they get up from their seat). Toddlers hands are small but their impulsivity can be big when it comes to food. 


SnackPals helps slow their eating down by only dispensing a few pieces at a time. Also, IF they tip their cereal over while in a SnackPals Dispenser, very few pieces will make it to the floor and they haven’t lost all their snack!


How it Works

A parent can add snacks into a SnackPals Portion Control Snack Dispenser easily by popping off the lid and adding snacks to the bottom of the container.


After the snack is inside the bottom of the container, the lid quickly snaps back on and is then ready to hand to the child. When the child shakes the SnackPal upside down with the cap on, the flow gate will open inside allowing a few pieces of the snack to enter into the top portion of the SnackPal. The child can then open up the top cap and eat away. 


We are loving SnackPals especially for car rides! You can order yours HERE!

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