A Night Out at Old Town USA

Sometimes when on a family vacation, especially with kids, it can be hard to find something everyone enjoys. Mom wants to go shopping, Dad is looking for dinner, the little ones need something to do while the older kids are looking for entertainment. Old Town is the perfect place!

Old Town

If shopping is on your agenda, Old Town has what you are looking for. With over 70 different stores, you will find everything from sports apparel to gadgets and gizmos, Disney gifts to tv and movie nostalgia items. If you can think of it, Old Town probably has it!

Old Town

Nightly entertainment is provided at the center stage. The evening we went, visitors were gathered at the tables near the stage playing Bingo!

Dinner at A & W

When it comes to food, Old Town has a variety of options. Our family went with an American classic and had dinner at A&W.

Old Town

Now, my husband LOVES a good burger! He and my 15-year-old both were super impressed with their cheeseburgers. Not to mention their amazing cheese curds! Of course, no trip to A&W would be complete without a root beer float! A perfect ending to a fantastic meal!

Old Town

Ferris Wheel at Old Town

After our meal, it was time for our little girl’s big adventure, the Ferris Wheel! Kissimmee is a beautiful place but watching the sunset from 85 feet in the air was amazing! Add in the excitement and giggles from my four-year-old and it was a spectacular ride! The boys had a blast too!

Old Town

Great Magic Hall 

As our evening wound down, we made our way to the Great Magic Hall. There we were greeted by one of the magicians there, Jefo. Once our showtime came we were taken into the parlor for an amazing magic show.

Old Town

We loved the fact that they were small crowds and we were so close to the action. However, our minds were BLOWN by the tricks Jefo performed! I certainly don’t want to give any of the show away, but will tell you our family, especially my boys, are still talking about the show and how amazing it was!

We have been to several magic shows, big and small. This was our first time attending a parlor style magic show. We were a little unsure due how small the building was. Our automatic thoughts were, “This may be fun but not super impressive”. BOY, were we wrong. Our 15-year-old loves to watch magic tricks on YouTube. He normally can figure the tricks out but could not figure any of the tricks that Jefo performed. Watching my son’s face was priceless. A memory I hope I never forget!!

Old Town

Quality Family Time

Old Town provides a step back in time at a slower pace but a truly entertaining afternoon or evening! With its wide variety of family-friendly restaurants, shops and attractions this sure to be a must visit the next time you are in the Orlando area!

Old Town

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  1. that does look like a fun place to go,,this is the first ive heard of this place ,that food looks really good too

  2. This sounds like so much fun. I love eating at A and W. Great food. The entertainment sounds perfect for everyone. I will be checking this out for my family. Thank you for sharing

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