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Have you ever walked through the mall and heard songs from the 90’s that aren’t even in the genre of music you listen to but you can sing right along to the music? What about hearing someone hum a song and the words pop out of your mouth? Music is one of the most powerful impacts on the human mind!

Last year, I had a procedure done that literally wiped out a lot of my memory. I forgot entire vacations, events with my kids, Christmas, and so much more. Even though most of my memory of a year to year and a half has never returned, songs that I had heard for the very first time during the time frame, I can still remember every single word to. I would say there is a little bit of power the mind has from music, wouldn’t you?

A friend of our family had dealt with severe drug addictions in his past. One day, my husband was asking him if he ever has cravings after about 30 years of being clean. His response, “I can hear certain songs that I remember hearing while shooting up and my mouth will water. I begin to crave the drugs I hadn’t touched in years. I have to be really careful what music I listen to to avoid any of those type of cravings!”. 

It can be all out war in our home when working with my children on studying for a quiz, test or memorizing a memory verses. We put it into a song and within a matter of minutes (if the stubborness hasn’t already set it), my kids will have whatever it is locked into their brains.

Taking time in the morning to start your day off with a great, healthy mindset is important. Music can surely set the tone of your day!

I can count on my daily musical practice, which I prefer to do over several hours first thing in the morning – John Jesensky, Composer 

We had a foster child in our home who had a hard time with speech. She could talk but just had a hard time putting all the words together and speaking the combined words clearly. After about a week of her being in our home, she already had an entire song memorized that she had heard playing on a CD in our car. The words would roll out of her little mouth as if she had no speech problems. Music is known to help children in many areas of their lives.

I can be having the hardest day and decide to turn on a song off YouTube or hit the power button on the car radio. Within just a couple minutes, my bad day can turn into a better day all because I chose to listen to some encouraging songs.

Oh, and I can’t leave out cranking up some more upbeat music while working out or cleaning…. it is AMAZING how much more energy you can feel simply from the beat of the music!

If you love to read AND love the art of music, make sure you check out a book that Composer John Ross Jesensky recommends called “Mansion on the Hill”.

“Mansion on the Hill,” by Fred Goodman provides excellent historical context regarding the evolution of the music business over the years.

Music has incredible power over your mind! How has music impacted YOUR life?

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3 Replies to “Music – Amazing Power Over the Mind”

  1. It is soooo true!! my favorite is listening to the songs I grew up with and hardly hear on the radio these these days. I like to listen to a few songs every morning before i make the journey of taking my oldest to school. It gets me energized and ready as well as my oldest daughter would who loves to dance along to the music. It can be relaxing, fun, a great way to express your feelings and emotions, have a good cry when you feel it’s needed. Definitely has a great impact on your brain. That is how my autistic daughter starts to learn words were through song

  2. There are songs on YouTube I like to listen to before bed. If I listen to them I will go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer. That is quite a feat for me. If I don’t listen to some of my favorite music before bed I usually lie in bed for 2 full hours before being able to fall asleep and then still wake up at least 4 times during the night. If I listen to the music before bed I’ll usually only wake up 1-2 times during the night.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, music is such an important part of our lives! It can truly heal the soul and helps us in many ways that people do not even realize.

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