Condition Dry, Damaged Hair Without Looking Oily

How to Condition Dry, Damaged Hair

Conditioning my hair without a greasy look has always been a true struggle for me. I have always felt like I had to compromise by either having greasy, “conditioned” looking hair OR having dry, damaged hair from the lack of conditioner. I have also had to decide between hair damaged from products that give me the volume that I desire OR having limp, healthy hair. No one should have to compromise to achieve healthy, volumized hair.

Condition dry, damaged hair

The Monat Hair Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque I have been using cleans, conditions, and volumizes hair leaving you with a head of healthy hair, rich in volume!

Monat does not use:

  • Phthalates
  • PEG
  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Harsh Salt Systems
  • Harmful Colors

The products below are safe to use on all hair including:

  • Colored
  • Chemically Treated
  • Hair extensions

REVIVE Shampoo

Cleansing your hair is one big key to having healthy hair. Removing any build up from hair products or even build up from just typical environmental causes is very important in keeping healthy hair but also a healthy scalp. The REVIVE Shampoo will cleanse your hair from all the unwanted toxins without damaging your hair follicles. 

Condition dry, damaged hair

REVITALIZE Conditioner

The volumizing REVITALIZE conditioner is a weightless moisturizer with vital nutrients. It is great for fine hair that is typically limp and lifeless. The conditioner can be applied from the roots all the way down to the ends leaving it extremely soft, shiny, and healthy looking without the greasy look!

REVITALIZE Conditioner starts working at the scalp, unlike most conditioners that are only applied to the ends. It provides the nutrients needed to boost natural hair growth, reduce thinning, and improves the strength of the hair follicles. 

Condition dry, damaged hair


The REPLENISH Masque is used about every fifth wash to repair and hydrate your damaged, moisture-starved hair. Starting at the scalp, the deep conditioning helps boost natural hair growth, improve follicle strength, and reduce thinning of hair. 

Are you dealing with dry, frizzy hair? THIS is a product for you! 

Condition dry, damaged hair

My Thoughts

I have had a lot of problems finding a shampoo that leaves my hair clean without drying it out. Typically, at my scalp, my hair is oily but then the ends of my hair are dry and full of brittle, split-ends. I have only been using this combination of products for a week and truly LOVE it! My hair looks and feels healthy…. AND NO MORE OILY look! Plus, it smells GREAT! 

Head on over to see about these and other products by Monat! They have a whole line of hair care/styling products!

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4 thoughts on “Condition Dry, Damaged Hair Without Looking Oily

  1. this sounds like something i could benefit from using,,i have very long dry damaged hair

  2. These sound like great products! I have very fine hair so it doesn’t take much to make it look greasy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These sound like wonderful products. I love that they do not use anything harsh in their products. My hair is so damaged and I am always searching for products that will help with that. I will definitely keep these in mind

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