House Pet-Proofing: Ensure Your Pet’s Safety and Happiness

House Pet-Proofing: Ensure Your Pet’s Safety and Happiness

Pets are like toddlers: they are curious, messy, love to put things in their mouths and can cause a huge mess in a blink of an eye. But, regardless of that, we love them just like we love our kids and we want to give them a safe and healthy home. Here’s how you can pet-proof your house and make it completely pet-friendly.


Remove clutter

If you want to prevent your pup from destroying your new shoes or ingest something they shouldn’t, make sure to remove as much clutter as you can. When everything is in its place (your shoes in the shoe cabinet, glasses on the high table and precious porcelain in the cabinets), there will be fewer accidents and potentially hazardous situations. Plus, your home will be much easier to keep clean.


Get a good trashcan

Most dogs and some cats are very food motivated, which means they will not hesitate to knock over your trash can and eat what’s inside. Aside from the food, pets often end up eating foreign objects like food wrappers, pizza boxes and even used tissues, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea or even a dangerous intestinal blockage that will make your vet bill blow up. For instance, in Sydney, the swallowed object removal surgery can cost over $10,000! The best way to prevent these garbage snacks is to get a pull-out trashcan. They might be a bit expensive, but your pet will never break into it.


Protect your pet from electric shocks

Both cats and dogs are prone to chewing things (puppies and kittens especially), so it’s important to prevent your pet from getting to your cords. Electric shock is indeed one of the most common pet injuries in Australia, especially during the holiday season with all the Christmas lights. Make sure your cords are wrapped in a plastic sheet or tucked away in a safe place. Additionally, pay attention to where you leave electrical appliances. For instance, your cat can knock a plugged-in radio into the sink and cause a short circuit. Aside from properly protecting your cords, you should always have a number of an experienced Sydney electrician who will take care of your electricity issues if any accidents occur. You don’t want to stay in the dark for days thanks to a small pet mischief.

Keep meds and toxic liquids locked

Like previously stated, pets will often eat anything. Yes, garbage eating is gross and potentially dangerous, but ingesting pills, pest poison or cleaning liquids is very often fatal. That’s why you have to keep these chemicals safely tucked inside locked cabinets.


Put up fences

If you don’t want to come home to a bed full of dog hair or find a nasty little present in the kitchen, make sure to get some dog fences. They will put some areas of the house off limits. This means you don’t have to worry about pet-proofing all of the rooms in the house (kitchens are especially hard to pet-proof because of the sharp objects, electrical devices and hot surfaces).


Create a pet-friendly backyard

Once your indoor space is safe, you must not neglect your backyard. Pay special attention to the plants growing in your garden, because some types can be very toxic to cats and dogs. Mulches, composts, fertilizers and pest and weed chemicals can also be quite harmful to pets, so make sure to keep them in your closed garage or garden shed. Additionally, try to pet-proof your fence to prevent your escape-artist dog from getting into the traffic.


Even though there are a lot of items on this list that can cost you time, patience and money, pet-proofing your home is more than worth it. It will protect your property and your beloved pet and ensure they both have a long and happy life.

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  1. I have a 9 year old cat and an 18 and a half year old cat. One of the things I do is keep all my house plants in my sunny craft room and keep the door closed. I know some plants can be toxic, and i don’t want to take any chances

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