Guide to Moving in New York City

Guide to Moving in New York City

One of the best places to live in the United States is in New York City; a city that is said to never sleep. Often called NYC or just New York, it is a city that is named after its state; New York State. New York City is a center for many different things. It is a commercial hub, a financial center, the wealthiest and the most popular and populous city in the United States. 

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NYC is ethnically, religiously, and commercially diverse. The city plays host to a diverse population of more than 8 million inhabitants. Nearly every creed, tribe, nation, and tongue on earth can be found in this city. 

New York City is also known as a center of international diplomacy. It hosts many world entities chief of which is the headquarters of the United Nations. Popular areas highlight its attractiveness and what the city stands for. If you like shopping, then there is Fifth Avenue where you can go shopping till you drop.

For those in the financial world, there is Wall Street. Bonds, stocks, cash, cryptocurrencies, etc. Just name it as long as it has to do with money. You can always find that on Wall Street. 

If you are into theatre then Broadway is for you. Then there is Maddison Avenue which is an area known for advertising. You can see some things that New York City is known for here.

Other popular and important NYC neighborhoods include Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, and the ever-interesting Bronx. Living in New York City can be tough yet fun. With its many high-rise buildings and apartments, housing can be expensive and sometimes hard to come by depending on the neighborhood. 

There is also the traffic and transportation issue at the center of New York. Seasoned New Yorkers know their way around the city including the best modes of transportation and timing to avoid getting stuck in traffic. 

Moving to or Within New York City

NYC is a city of opportunity which explains the sheer number of residents you will find in the city. Living here can be quite fascinating and exhilarating. For people who live here, moving your belongings from one neighborhood or location to another can be overwhelming.

This can mean you are changing apartments; moving from your old location to a new place. It could be a commercial moving such as an office or a business. You may also just want to move other important stuff in and around the city.

To make things much easier and less stressful, you have to hire a reputable moving company. This will be much better for you than trying to haul your stuff around the city by yourself. This is true whether you are a newbie moving into NYC, or you are an old-timer moving within the city. You may also want to move stuff out of the city.

When moving stuff in New York, you must be prepared for the city’s intricate details. This can include parking, different kinds of apartments and their interesting features, traffic, etc. To avoid getting frustrated, you will do well to use experienced New York movers who know their way around.

They will help you handle your moving in a quick, safe, and professional manner. You can move anything around NYC. These include your personal belongings, office and business items, or luxury goods like arts, antiques, etc. For the latter, you will need luxury movers in NYC to help you out.

These are experts at moving your valuable items like your grand piano, a priceless piece of artwork or antique, etc.

Tips on Moving Your Stuff in NYC

As mentioned earlier, moving to New York City can be miserable and a real chore. No one looks forward to it. To have any kind of respite or breather, here are some things you should do.

Start Early

It is advisable to start planning your move as early as 8 weeks out. Do not wait until the last minute to do so as this will get frustrating and tiring. You risk forgetting or losing stuff and many other things you will like to avoid.

Ensure to get organized. Start by deciding how you want to move. Will you be handling it yourself or hiring a moving company? If handling yourself, make a reservation for a truck or van you will need. If you will be using a company, ensure to book them for around the time you will need them.

Furthermore, start to declutter your stuff. Let go of things you do not need and begin to arrange whatever you will need in proper order. You can make a to-do list of all that you need to do. Remember, it is better to be over-prepared and ready than not be under-prepared.

You may also need to get the measurements of where you are moving to. This will help you to know what you will be taking along or how you can handle carrying some of your stuff. You do not want any embarrassing surprises on the day you are moving.

Get Your Packing Supplies and Begin

Again, do not wait till it is time to go before you start packing your stuff. After reserving a van or moving company, get the necessary packing supplies; boxes, tapes, markers, labels, box cutters, trash bags, etc.

Learn to pack smart and easy. Start with one room at a time while labeling each box and item appropriately. When you are done with a room, move to the next one. 

As much as possible avoid working on packing two rooms simultaneously. While these may seem smart and fast, it is not. You are likely to miss some things or mix things up.

Doing one room before moving to the next ensures you have taken care of everything. Begin by packing stuff that you do not need in the immediate such as off-season clothing. Leave stuff that you typically use often till close to the time you will need to move.

For these, you can get a backpack, boxes, or briefcases and pack them in a way that they are easily accessible. Also, label them appropriately. Ensure to pack your fragile items in a way that they will not get damaged while in transit. Get a bag for your very personal effects like jewelry, documents, etc., and keep those close to you at all times.

By the D-day, ensure you have everything packed and ready to go even up to your toothbrush. Ensure to be ready by the time the movers show up. Never assume they will help you do your packing if it is not in your contract with them. Avoid wasting their time and yours.

Inform Those Who Need To Know

A few weeks before your move, ensure to spread the word and inform those who need to know. This could be your friends, your children’s school and teachers, service providers, and so on. You should also get any necessary documents such as medical records, school transcripts for kids, etc.

Get the coverage that you will need for your new place; insurance, medical, financial et al. Make your travel plans, change your address where necessary, and generally give notice where you need to.

Avoid Moving During Winter or a Major Event

One of the greatest disservices you can do yourself is to do your moving during a major event or in winter. NYC as a city hosts many events around the year. This can be sporting, political events, or otherwise. On an ordinary day, it is tough. With a major event, you just raised that to another degree of stress.

NYC winters are brutal so you may want to avoid moving during this period. Although, it may be difficult to predict what nature does on a given day. At least you have an idea of what the weather is like at certain periods.

Plan your moving around seasons and times that the weather is friendly and avoid doing so in snow or ice. Except it is expedient that you have to, avoid doing this as much as possible. You will be happy you did.

Have Fun While At it

As it is, moving is already stressful and you do not want what will aggravate you during the whole process. To this end, have fun while doing so. You can take breaks and get a sense of humor. Avoid letting anything get to you but find a reason to laugh it off.

Get to grips with the fact that you live in a city like New York where things can be tough if you let them. On the flip side, you can have things easy if you want them. It all depends on your mindset. Understand that you need help and get one when it is time.

This can be in the shape of paid help by hiring others for tasks you cannot do alone. You may also get free help by getting your family, friends, or colleagues to help out. You may use bright and lively colors to brighten up things during your packing. You can find more moving tips here


Moving can be tough and miserable and when you are doing this in a city like New York, it can be quite tasking. To avoid getting worked up and stressed, it is better to hire professional movers to help you out. Also, start early and endeavor to follow the tips that are above.

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