Cute Chompers Provides Relief for Teething Children

 Nibbly Bits Gives Relief for Teething Babies and Toddlers 

Written by Lauren

Do children ever stop teething? YES, at some point they do! But, when you have little ones, who are teething, it can seem like a never-ending thing. While they are babies, there’s a BUNCH of teething toy options to choose from. Although, once they hit the toddler stage and are walking around with a baby teether…. it looks a bit strange. It is then that you realize that the huge selection you used to choose from are not “toddler” friendly looking teethers. That’s why I’m so glad to tell you about Nibbly Bits for Teething Children!

Cute Chompers Provides Relief for Teething Children

Fun for Hours, Relief FOREVER!

How cute are these little Chompies? When I first saw them, I knew I wanted them. I have 19 month old twin Boy and Girl and they LOVE faces and eyes on toys. I love for my twins to match, but I do believe in the saying “Let Them Be Their Own Person”. SO, I love finding anything for them that is the SAME, yet DIFFERENT (IF that makes sense?). Also, they chew or “teeth” on anything and EVERYTHING! I knew they would definitely benefit from having some Nibbly Bits for Teething Children.

Cute Chompers Provides Relief for Teething Children

Little Dude Teether

My little guy has always chewed on anything… you give it to him and its going straight to the mouth. I knew this hand held teether “Little Dude” would be perfect for him. With the bright colors, the cute face and hat, even down to the yellow ribbon… he would chew and teeth with it for hours.

Cute Chompers Provides Relief for Teething Children

Little Miss Teether

My little lady on the other hand is not much like her brother in that department. She’s a little pickier, she really wasn’t one to chew on just anything, she liked her teether toys and that was about it. But, She did cut a lot more of her teeth faster and without much problem. However, these past couple of months have been a different story! Baby teething was bad, but toddler teething is no joke! She has been loving her “Little Miss” Chomper. She loves playing with and chewing on the bow.

Snap and GO for Teething Children!

The yellow strap has two snaps on each end, one side snaps through the teether and the other side can snap around pretty much anything… Stroller, Car Seat, High Chair, Store Cart… just about anywhere! These Chompies are made from 100% safe, tested and certified food grade silicone… it’s soft, flexible and durable.
Also, they are non-toxic, water proof, heat-resistant and will not support growth of bacteria. Another tip I found is that you can put it in the fridge or freezer to give a cooling relief for your little one’s sore gums.

Cute Chompers Provides Relief for Teething Children

Don’t Forget About the Mommies!

Nibbly Bits also offer several styles of necklaces and bangles for mommy to wear! Wouldn’t this be the better option… rather than for our little ones to be chewing on our regular/metal jewelry? 

Finally Thoughts…

I couldn’t have been happier with all the choices Nibbly Bits offers in their teethers. A big plus for me, of course, is all their products are 100% safe and non-toxic. My babies couldn’t enjoy them more, because they are super cute and they are actually allowed to CHEW on them!

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2 thoughts on “Cute Chompers Provides Relief for Teething Children

  1. I like all these things to chew on and have got some for my great niece. But this little girl does not want anything you just sticks her finger in her mouth.

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