Unique Style Coffee Mugs for the Busy Mom

Freedom with Jamber Coffee Mugs

One thing most moms would agree with is that they wish they had extra hands. Between catching a toddler from darting in front of traffic to juggling to get the groceries loaded while keeping your tired and squirming little one from falling out of the cart… moms always NEED an extra hand or four. Jamber gives moms more freedom with their easy handle mugs! You have to check these out!

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Can YOU Relate?

Let’s see how many can relate to this… you are in your kitchen with a baby on one hip, a toddler hanging on your pants (almost pulling them down) to get your attention and you have to watch out for your older child who is pushing their toy cars on the floor in front of where you are about to step. You are already juggling but are in desperate need of caffeine to make it through your hectic day. The thought of holding a hot cup of coffee with all the tripping hazards and little ones in the “spill zone” scares you. So, you wind up going without your coffee or you decide to make the coffee and it gets cold before you even have a chance to drink it safely. Sound familiar? 

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The Perfect Invention With Moms in Mind

I saw Jamber Mugs and thought, “What a PERFECT invention. The mug is still made from an industrial grade ceramic material but with a much wider, more comfortable handle.

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Made in the USA, the mugs are: 

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Oven safe
  • Lead-free

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What is SO Unique About These Jamber Coffee Mugs?

Aside from the quality material, the mugs are extremely unique with their full grip handle. I can juggle day in and day out activities without feeling like I could drop my coffee mug at any point. With my mom having fibromyalgia, these mugs provide her with a pain-free way of holding her cup. She can use it for tea, water, coffee, or any other liquid! No more cramping of the hand from holding the coffee mug with just a couple fingers.

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How Can You Get Yours?

The Jamber Mugs come in several different colors to match any kitchen! I am totally loving my Jamber Coffee Mugs! You just have no clue until you hold it yourself!! You can order one today HERE. Personally, I will say, you probably want to go ahead and order a set because you are bound to love them!

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