How Can Bedroom Decor Improve Your Family’s Health?

How Can Bedroom Decor Improve Your Family’s Health?

People tend to disregard this fact, but we spend almost a third of the day inside the bedroom sleeping. This activity is the single most important health factor than we do daily. While sleeping, the body has enough time to recuperate both physically and mentally, so it is important to get plenty of good quality sleep. This is where the design of your bedroom comes into play. It is responsible for creating the right atmosphere and conditions to go to sleep easily and wake up during the night. If you thought that only the bed needs to be comfortable, you were wrong, as the entire room’s décor has to serve the same purpose of improving your family’s health. This is achieved by enabling you to sleep tight using simple design features that any household can implement.

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The colors

It has been known for a long time that colors have the possibility to affect our mood. For instance, the color green is excellent for relaxation and it is good for our eyesight. However, when it comes to the ideal shade of the bedroom, blue, grey, and brown are the best way to go. Actually, any mild and cold color is suitable for painting the bedroom’s walls and furniture. The colors that you want to avoid are warm ones, such as yellow, red or orange. They actually engage your brain and make it work when it should really be resting and slowly shutting off. That is why a nice light shade of blue is ideal for creating the right atmosphere for going to sleep. If you are a fan of fiery colors, you can have them as applications or at rims of the bed or bedclothes, just not on any large surface.

Avoid stock air-fresheners

Have you ever noticed that almost every TV commercials for an air-freshener take place inside the bedroom? This sends the wrong message that such devices are good for your health, while the exact opposite is true. In reality, people with allergies and those who are sensitive to strong odors cannot use them at all, and you would be surprised how many people find the scent they disperse as repulsive. If you want your room to smell nice before bed, then try more natural mixtures, such as lavender oil, lemon or orange peel. These can be placed into a diffuser to spread the smell evenly throughout the room.

Hide the mirrors

Mirrors should be moved away from plain sight not because you are superstitious, but because they deflect light. This means that even if there is no direct sunlight aimed at your bed, the reflection off the mirror can hit you right in the face. That is why this piece of furniture is more appropriate to hang in the hallway than in the bedroom. If you cannot do without a mirror near your bed, a neat solution is to place it inside the wardrobe so it would be behind doors at night.

Ushering darkness

The main prerequisite for you to go to sleep is for the room to be dark. This comes naturally at night but there are many other light sources that prevent you from falling asleep. This can be the glare from the street lighting, the headlights of a passing car or even moonlight. If the room is not dimmed enough, our brain will never receive the signal that it is time to switch off, so to say. This is why curtains and awnings are an important piece of the living room décor that ensure a good night sleep. The secret behind a good awning is the fabric that needs to stop all light from going through like it is the case with the awnings Oztech makes. Another feature to pay attention to when shopping for awnings is the mechanism. The zip channels need to be tightly secured and the awnings need to have the possibility to auto lock.

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Cotton beddings

Needless to say, your bed needs to be comfortable enough. The mattress needs to be just right, not too hard nor too soft. This is something most people already have but many fail to get the right sheets to go with the comfy bed. The thing is, there is only one material suited for bedding and that is cotton.

No phone time before bed

People have had trouble going to sleep for millennia but modern times brought in a new set of challenges that are related to technology. Artificial light sources such as computer and smartphone screens have completely messed up our sleep cycle. Firstly, they are a strong light source that engages our brain so it cannot relax properly, and secondly, they contain information that requires us to focus, which means we can say goodbye to falling to sleep any time soon. There is nothing wrong with using your phone all day, but once you hit the sack it is time to put away the phone on the nightstand, close your eyes and focus on falling asleep in the dark room. The Instagram feed can wait until morning to be browsed.

As you have seen, all the steps to designing your bedroom are quite easy to take. You can start by getting new awnings or replacing the old air-freshener in order to improve the quality of your sleep.

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