Tips on Getting Organized in 2019

Getting Organized in 2019

Every year I decide that I need to declutter and reorganize my house and life in general. I reevaluate the need for different systems and reflect on what has or hasn’t worked in the past. I am generally successful and reassess, declutter, and reorganize as needed throughout the year – typically in January, late-April, and again in August. I can get my home in order and feel fantastic about the way that it looks, then I get ready to head out for an activity or an errand and realize that I am gathering entertaining things for the kids, looking for my planner, and struggling to get out of the door on time.

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Thirty-One products have saved me from the stress of trying to scramble out the door all the while trying to make sure that I have everything that I need. I lacked a portable, ready-to-go bag that would house all of the items that I needed to have a successful day away from my home. Now, I know that as long as I have two totes by the door, my errands, appointments, and events that we attend will be less stressful and more organized!

getting organized

Thirty-One’s Get Creative Caddy is perfect for housing what I need to run my errands and entertain my daughter as we shop (we have one day a week set aside for errands that generally take 4-5 hours). I used to try to fit everything in my purse, and that was usually a disaster – everything would fall out whenever I needed to get one item.

Now, I use the main section of the caddy to house my clipboard with my grocery list, my planner, and a notebook (I keep a notebook with my errand list and a place to jot down ideas while I am at appointments). I also include water bottles for myself and my daughter (or my other kids that may be with me). I also keep several other pouches in the main section which I will mention later in the post.

The Get Creative Caddy has pockets on the side of the caddy that works well for my pens, wallet, calculator, and headphones (sometimes, if alone, I will be anti-social and listen to music or podcasts while I shop). I also keep a small tape measure in the event that I am looking for something that requires knowing the measurements for a specific space. The caddy has a clear, zippered pocket that is great for my coupons or receipts that I may need for returns.

The Get Creative Caddy is also GREAT to use for a Bible bag for church! I can use it to keep my Bible, notebook, devotional book, pens, and extra items such as tissue, lipstick, gum, and lotion. 

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My daughter uses Thirty-One’s Rectangle Pouch to bring a few toys with her whenever we are out. I like the fact that it has a transparent cover so that she can glance at it before we leave to see if she wants to add or take different toys out. I also make sure that we keep snacks on hand in Thirty-One’s Cylinder Pouch – we bring apples and mixed nuts with us for a healthy, filling snack that keeps us out of the drive-thru lines as often as possible!

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My daughter loves to color and draw, so we throw in some paper and a book in the Get Creative Sleeve. It is thin enough to fit nicely into the main section without taking up too much space. She uses Thirty-One’s round and slim pouches to house her crayons, colored pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpener. She then has the choice to sit in the cart and color or play with a few toys – this mama can shop, and life is less stressful when she is entertained.

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Did I mention that I keep my planner in the main section of the caddy? Let me tell you; I am very picky when it comes to planners! Thirty-One never ceases to amaze me with their products and the planner is terrific! Not only can I use the Keepsake Planner to plan (which is good, right?!), but it also has inspirational quotes to keep me going on the tough days. This planner is perfect for the mom, like myself, who likes to get creative and look back on their calendar – with space to bullet journal and keep track of all that you are grateful for throughout the day, week, or year.

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One of the weekly errands/activities that my daughter and I enjoy the most is going to the library. Do you know how difficult it is to carry 50 library books, DVDs, and audiobooks in your arms while trying to keep up with a six-year-old who is in her happy place?! It is not for the faint of heart! The Get Creative Carry-All is perfect for throwing over my shoulder as we exit the car and enter our happy place! As we choose our books we place them in the bag – we keep our library cards in the pocket of the bag for easy access (and so we don’t forget them in the car).

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I house my bags near the front door so that they are ready for me to grab on errand day or as we leave for an appointment. Truth be told there are days that I am not as excited about errand day. I decided to place a reminder next to my bed to show me why I do what I do. The Close to Home Table Gallery allows me to see photos of my family before I start my busy day to encourage me to keep going even when life seems a little overwhelming. God has given me a job to do that no one else can do for me – sometimes I need a little reminder that even the small, exhausting tasks are important!

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Getting organized for the new year (or whenever you begin your journey) is challenging and rewarding, stress-reducing, and allows you to be creative with the space that you have. Don’t overlook the need to be organized when you are on the go! 

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