5 Ways to Maintain a Clean House During the Holidays

5 Ways to Maintain a Clean House During the Holidays

The holiday season is a busy time of the year. All the fuss going on during this season affects everyone and everything, including your house.

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If you aren’t careful, you can quickly start building up clutter and mess around your home in the spirit of Christmas. With that said, here are five ways that will help maintain a clean house during the holidays.

Tidy as you go

At Maid Sailors Home Cleaning Services, we advise homeowners to maintain a clean house.

Whether it’s the holidays or not, this cleaning habit is something that’s going to be useful all year round. You should also encourage the rest of your household to practice this.

That’s because when you tidy as you go, it ensures that there’s no build-up of dirt or any clutter because the little clutter that’s there, you deal with it already. Aside from that, since it’s not a difficult task to do and it’s not a chore, it’s quite simple so that everyone can do it.

It’s a considerable time and energy-saver in the long run.

Decorate to a minimum

From the lights you’re hanging to the angels and small sculptures you display, the little decor around the house attracts dust and dirt.

But keep in mind that the more decor you put up, the more you’re going to clean up afterwards. If you’re okay with that, decorate away. If you’re not, keep your decorating to a minimum.

You don’t have to go crazy with the Christmas decor to feel the festive spirit this season. You have to choose the correct decorations, and you’re surely going to handle it.

If there’s one thing you probably shouldn’t compromise on, it should be the Christmas tree. Everything else is optional at best.

Clean high traffic areas regularly

You might be able to get away with not cleaning nooks and crannies as often.

However, it’s for the better that you take the time to clean these areas regularly when it comes to your high-traffic areas. You should also set yourself up for success to reduce the dirt and mess that happens there.

For example, your entranceway is going to be high-traffic. Therefore, you should set up a welcome mat to ensure that dirt won’t come into your home.

It would help if you also had a coat rack and a shoe rack by the door entrance, so jackets and coats aren’t all over the place. The shoes won’t even have to step into your house’s floors.

Get the whole family involved

It’s going to be a huge undertaking to be the sole person responsible for the household’s cleanliness, especially if there are many of you living at home. That’s why you shouldn’t shoulder the burden yourself.

Learn to delegate the cleaning tasks and get the entire family a part of the cleaning process. That way, everyone learns to be more responsible for keeping a clean and tidy home.

Follow a cleaning schedule

It can be challenging to keep track of which parts of the house you cleaned and which ones need cleaning. That’s why, if you have a hard time remembering if it’s time to clean or not, you should make a cleaning schedule.

The cleaning schedule will allow you to keep your house clean no matter what. It’s a routine, so it will go a lot faster since you’re already used to the cleaning schedule. At the same time, you can schedule events at home a lot easier because of your cleaning schedule.

You can even create a cleaning schedule for each task that the household members are responsible for. That way, they can recall what needs to be done when needed.

Over to You

It’s a lot easier to feel the festive mood around the house if you aren’t worrying over the state of cleanliness all the time.

The tips listed above should help you let loose and have fun during the holiday season—all without having to compromise on the cleanliness of your house.

Apply them well and make sure to share them with the family so that you can have a happy and jolly holiday.

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