Exercise While Sitting at Your Desk

Exercises While Sitting at Your Desk

Not sure how you have faired over these last nine months or so but many across the world have packed on the pounds. Thanks to Covid, many lives have become a little more sedentary. Parks were closed for months, gyms were closed, stress was high, and many stocked up on comfort foods…. resulting in some extra lbs. 


Now that life is slowly getting back to normal, what are you doing about those extra pounds? Embracing them or kicking them to the curb?! If you are like my husband and me, you are ready to get rid of all those extra pounds. We have been trying to get our steps in every day. Some days are harder than others. My husband sits at his desk working on the computer most of the week for work. That, most definitely, makes it very difficult for him to achieve his step count. 

On the Muv contacted us about their motorized miniTread. My husband was like a kid in a candy store (except a healthy alternative… not excited over candy. Haha). He knew he could FINALLY get exercise even while working. 

Exercising throughout the day, even in small bursts can help tremendously with stress, weight, and even energy! Yes, working out adds energy. It also adds self-confidence and a happy spirit. Needless to say, I’ve had a much happier husband since he has a was to exercise while still getting all his daily tasks accomplished at work! 

You can turn any chair into your own private gym with the motorized miniTread from onthemuv. The miniTread is a patented compact treadmill style device that can be used at your desk, couch, or anywhere you are seated. It’s designed and engineered for all ages and fitness levels for easy and comfortable walking while sitting on your chair or couch. You can burn calories and get cardio, core, and lower body exercise, all while you work or watch TV.

The Onthemuv miniTread offers a seated walk position which makes it joint-friendly and low to no impact! Walking while you are seated improves your circulation, strength, and focus. What else do you need at work than better focus?! All while sitting, you can strengthen your quads, hamstrings, calves, and your core… all while getting in a day’s work sitting behind the desk. It’s a win for you and a win for your boss!!

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