5 Simple Ways to Create Your Own Relaxing Backyard Space

Most people don’t give much thought to backyards when considering renovations. But when you think about all the potential benefits of having one, deciding to give yours a makeover is a no-brainer. Here is how you can create your own relaxing backyard space.

Relaxing Backyard Space

Wanting more space is one of the main reasons why people buy a house. And it’s not surprising considering all the advantages of living in a home with extra outdoor space.

The Benefits of Having a Backyard

Having a backyard confers many health perks. If you love nature, you get to enjoy it right in the comfort of your own home. Many people also love to keep a yard for gardening and reap all the stress-reducing experience of growing vegetation. And if you have pets, having a large yard will surely give your favorite animals the space they need to exercise and stay healthy.

On the practical side, the extra backyard space is often used for storage, hosting neighborhood parties, and as a playground for the kids.

But more importantly, a backyard can be more than extra real estate. Turning your backyard into a relaxing, outdoor area will make it an extension of your family space where you can relax on a quiet afternoon or bond with everyone on the weekends.

Luckily, creating your own backyard sanctuary doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

In fact, here are five simple tips you can follow to make your backyard space of serene relaxation.

Decorate with Lights

Lighting can make or break space design. Even the most lavishly decorated environment won’t sell without proper lighting. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to the type of lighting equipment you’re using.

Please note that running electricity to your new outdoor space should always be done by a professional. A professional electrician from Master Electrical Service will be sure to add the proper wiring for the specific lighting needs you will have for your outdoor space. No one wants to have to fear to deal with blowing fuses or their space catching fire on a relaxing evening, so be sure to have a professional electrician complete the task.  

Creating a striking backyard with a cozy and inviting aura requires some clever use of illumination. Use soft path lighting to navigate walkways or low-voltage string lights to evoke a warm and intimate ambiance during dinner parties. 

You can make use of wall scones to illuminate recessed areas or use lanterns to accentuate architectural details. Go for spotlights to highlight your landscaping. And if you have a patio, make sure your deck is adequately lit to avoid tripping hazards.

Only use prime quality outdoor lights. Since they are constantly exposed to the elements, investing in quality fixtures like FX Luminaire lighting will not only help you acquire grade A backyard illumination but also help you save on the overall design costs.

Go for Green

Green is a naturally calming color. Because of its strong associations with nature, seeing greens can help alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress, and agitation.

If you want to set a comfortable vibe, you can never go wrong with introducing some green elements to your yard. The easiest way to do this is to incorporate plants into your outdoor space. However, if growing plants is not your strong suit, don’t fret; there are plenty of low-maintenance plant species that look great without demanding too much labor.

Add a Firepit

Who doesn’t love having a pleasant conversation around a warm fire? A backyard fireplace is a perfect centerpiece for relaxing with friends and family on chilly nights. 

Explore your creativity by building one from scratch, or opt for budget-friendly installations. Then assemble seating furniture around the pit and add in some potted plants and complementary lighting. 

Make It Private

If you love lounging outdoors, make your space private and enjoy the peace and quiet of having a space to relax all by yourself. A private outdoor space is hard to come by, especially if you’re living in the city. Utilizing an urban rooftop setup, wood fences, and lattice panels will help you create an intimate space that’s perfect for your leisure and recreation. Add greenery to your smaller space by using SkyPots. SkyPots is a vertical flower pot hanging system. It easily connects multiple pots (as long as they have holes in the bottom of the pot; you can use your own decorative pots or you can purchase the pots from SkyPots. For a personalized touch, consider using MDF cut to shape for custom privacy panels that match your design aesthetic.

A simple outdoor structure does not have to be solid or concrete. You can easily block your neighbor’s view of your yard using a trellis set up or create a wall of privacy using hedges. You can even put up a wall of greens that is not blatantly obvious using large planters.

Adding a cabana pergola with a screen on two sides allows for more privacy. The Hampton Traditional Steel Cabana Pergola from Backyard Discovery will give you the privacy you need. The Hampton Traditional Steel Cabana Pergola perfectly combines a maintenance-free design and shade with privacy. It adds character to your space so that you can relax in the evening with your soulmate, or while entertaining family and friends.

Relaxing Backyard Space

The Hampton Cabana Pergola is made with powder-coated 100% galvanized steel and stainless steel hardware. It is sturdy, durable, and will not rust, corrode, or be harmed or faded by the sun’s UV rays. It is easy to assemble and requires zero maintenance. The Hampton Cabana Pergola is an excellent addition to your patio, backyard, or poolside space. With composite panels for privacy and shade, it will add beauty and sophistication to any location you place it!

Backyard Discovery also has other cabanas and pergola cabanas depending on your style.

Create a Lounging Space

Once you’re all walled up and there’s enough privacy you’re comfortable with, it’s time to curate the lounging space. How you want to design this area depends on whether you want to use it primarily for entertaining guests or simply want an extension of your personal space.

A spacious patio with wicker furniture is excellent for when you have friends over. If the family loves eating together, installing a dining area would be perfect for the occasional al fresco feasts. Bring in a Mr. Mock’s hammock to instantly add a homey spot for afternoon naps if you have limited space. Add their Skeeter Beater to your hammock so that you can have a truly restful time without mosquitos disturbing your nap!

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Most importantly, opt for comfort when choosing your seating furniture. There’s nothing like stretching your legs on a chaise lounge after a long day at work.

Final Word

Curating a relaxing backyard space is a personal undertaking. Own it by experimenting with different themes that suit your purpose and style. When it comes to outdoor space design, your creativity is the limit.