Christmas Gifts for Women

Christmas Gifts for Women

Capresso Froth Select 

The Capresso froth Select is a versatile countertop frother. It has one button operation with illuminated controls, and offers four settings to choose from: cold froth, hot froth, hot milk and hot chocolate. It also has a special hot chocolate function that can accommodate chocolate chips and chunks to create frothy hot chocolate and so much more.

John Boos Wood Block Cutting Board

Talk about luxury… this hard rock maple cutting board by John Boos is a Christmas gift that will be hard to beat in years to come. The Boos block is extremely durable and is ready to take on any cutting task! One side of the cutting board is super handy when cutting any meats that require a little grip. The raised pyramid design helps to hold the meat in place as you cut. Need to cut some veggies or dice some fruit? Simply flip the butcher block over to cut food on a flat surface. To top it off, this particular butcher block comes with a built-in catch tray for the juices and the pieces of waste. It can easily be removed to throw contents away or to wash the pan. The John Boos Butcher Block adds a beautiful touch to any kitchen!

Don’t forget to add the Mystery Oil, Board Cream, and Applicator to your cart to have on hand to properly care for your Boo Board!

The Art of Richard Stanley 

If you’re looking for a unique and more upscale gift for someone special this holiday season, look no further than the Art of Richard Stanley. Stanley is an artist who specializes in creating stunning prints of natural scenery. Whether you’re looking for a traditional canvas print or a more modern fine art print, Stanley has something to suit every taste. Best of all, he has landscape prints for sale, that are truly inspiring and one of a kind. So if you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind present that will be cherished for years to come, consider giving the gift of Richard Stanley’s art.


JORD Apple Watch Band

Jord offers several styles of watch bands that are compatible with all series of apple watches. Whether you choose a band with padded or flat genuine leather, or with beautifully interlaced wood and metal, you’re sure to find the perfect style that suits the person you are shopping for. It’s the perfect combination of unique style and elegance.

Valera Screens

Valera Screens helps you put your best self forward with its innovative line of green screen products. Valera is the only company focused exclusively on green screen technology for the new generation of content creators and broadcasters. The Valera Screens Creator 95 is one of the largest collapsible green screen on the market. Featuring Valera ChromaBoost wrinkle-resistant fabric for enhanced performance in low light, it’s the perfect choice for streamers who want flawless chroma key visual effects. The Valera Screens Explorer series is the world’s only tripod-mounted green screen, allowing for landscape or portrait chroma key visual effects. Visit to learn more! 

Bel Essence Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment and Anti-Aging Eye Firming Cream 

Bel Essence is a great company that offers a wide variety of products that are made with natural ingredients. These products will help you rebuild, regenerate, and maintain the healthy, glowing skin of your youth. Their Anti-Aging Eye Lifting and Firming Cream is great for reducing lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It has natural anti-aging oils with important vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants to fight environmental damage and reverse aging. It smooths and firms the delicate skin under the eyes, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Their Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment is a great face moisturizer, anti-wrinkle cream, and neck cream. Perfect for normal to oily skin, it combines seven oils with a higher balance of the linoleic essential fatty acids, making it gentle and easily absorbed. It does not clog pores and helps to maintain a healthy balance of oil in your skin. Bel Essence is more than just skincare…it’s nutrition for your skin.

On the Muv Treadmill 

You can turn any chair into your own private gym with the motorized miniTread from onthemuv. The miniTread is a patented compact treadmill style device that can be used at your desk, couch, or anywhere you are seated. It’s designed and engineered for all ages and fitness levels for easy and comfortable walking while sitting on your chair or couch. You can burn calories and get the cardio, core, and lower body exercise, all while you work or watch TV.

Grateful Earth Instant Coffee with Turmeric & Cinnamon 

Get a gourmet medium roast with balanced flavor brought to you by 100% Arabica and Robusta beans in this 3-in-1 instant coffee with non-dairy coconut creamer and brown sugar. An inflammation-fighting, antioxidant-rich blend, get the naturally transformative power of adaptogens, nootropics, and superfoods for mental focus and memory, creative energy, and an overall health and immunity support when you need it most.

H.E.A.L’s Holiday Gift Kit 

The holiday season can be extremely stressful as we rush around trying to get everything done in time for Christmas. This stress leaves us all tense and in dire need of relaxation. So why not give the gift of relaxation with the H.E.A.L’s Holiday Gift Kit? It comes complete with the perfect natural health products to use anytime that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the holidays. You get an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser With Color Changing LED, a 2 Pack of Vanilla, Cinnamon & Nutmeg Ear Candles, and a 0.5oz bottle of Holiday Spice Essential Oil. This is a perfect gift idea for anyone on your gift list.

GrooveLife Ring 

Groove Life offers quality silicone rings that are perfect for those times when you prefer not to wear your metal rings due to safety reasons or the fear of damaging or losing your expensive rings. Groove Life rings are made with breathable grooves that allow air to circulate and moisture to flow out, keeping the skin on your fingers dry and rash free. They come in many colors, styles, and designs, letting you choose the ones that suit you best. One example is the Original Solid Anchor ring, which is the heart and soul of Groove Life. The Anchor color with the white interior will keep you looking good no matter what you’re doing. Another example is the Serenity Stackable Set with interwoven braids of deep stone and pearl surrounding the soft mauve inner ring to create the perfect combination of color and texture. The perfect mix of style and comfort, this set of three rings will add some subtle color that’s perfect for any season.

iChuze Fitness  

iChuze Fitness is a dynamic platform that takes care of the core components of you. Get your body moving, center your mind, spread kindness, and get reconnected with the fitness community by using an iChuze subscription. For one low price that anyone could afford ($5.99/month or $59.99/year), you can participate in a variety of high quality, professionally made health and wellness videos, connecting your Body (through Kickboxing, Team Training, GroupX, and Yoga), Mind (through Meditation, Self Care, Breathing Techniques and Mindfulness) and Heart (through Community, Charity, and Partnership). With iChuze, you can choose to take your fitness to the next level at any time, from anywhere.

Glamping Hub 

Since its launch in 2013, Glamping Hub has been one of the world’s leading luxury camping websites. It’s a booking platform for unique accommodations and a great resource for sustainable tourism. With headquarters based in Denver, Colorado, and Seville, Spain, they strive to provide you with the best possible glamping experience, while offering superior customer service.

You can use this website to find glamping spots all over the world, spots with exactly the accommodations that you are looking for. With their inventory of perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways, and near top solo travel destinations, Glamping Hub is the place to book.

RARE Escape Duffle Bag

The Escape Buffalo Check Overnight Bag from RARE. provides plenty of room for all of your necessities, making getting away for a night easier than ever before. It’s made with soft lined fabric and vegan leather handles that ensures a comfortable grip. It features a classic gold script on the side and purse feet to protect the bottom. With this bag, you will have enough room for all of the things you need, without sacrificing style to get it.

Studio L Jewelry Lorin Necklace 

The Lorin Necklace from Studio L Jewelry features a long geometric pendant with a clear resin coated flattened bead. This unique design is available in your choice of sterling silver plated or gold plated and hangs from a delicately thin chain. It’s equally great for everyday wear or dressing up and will bring you tons of compliments.

Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket by Bearaby 

The chunky knit Cotton Napper from Bearaby is a buttery soft and breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton weighted blanket that will help you sleep more deeply and wake feeling more rested. Medically proven to aid naturally deeper sleep cycles, the weight of the blanket on your body stimulates the production of serotonin (the happy hormone), reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and increases melatonin, which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. See the full review HERE

H.E.A.L’s Stress Reliever Kit  

H.E.A.L’s Stress Reliever Kit provides relief from life’s daily stresses. Begin with a bath or foot soak with the OSI Magnesium Bath Flakes. Then drop a few drops of H.E.A.L’s Relaxation Essential Oil Blend into your water. Spray the Magnesium Oil directly onto the areas of your body that feel sore or have achy muscles and massage gently while soaking. After your relaxing bath, liberally apply the OSI Magnesium Body Lotion and gently massage it into your skin. Once finished, you will feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the holiday season. And the best thing is, you can repeat as often as you like!


Comforband lets you stay comfortable no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. With two side buttons that are perfectly positioned to loop a face mask around, Comforband headbands give your ears a much-needed break at work and can be tucked under a fold when you’re off. They’re high quality, soft and stretchable, unisex, super comfortable, and look great. They’re sweat and slip-resistant and can be worn in a variety of ways to match your own personal style.

Nations Photo Lab 

Nations Photo Lab prints your favorite moments and transforms them into unforgettable pieces of art. With a variety of photo gifts to choose from, you can design a personalized gift that will be cherished and loved forever. In addition to the standard prints, photo albums, and books, you can create wall decor, cards, and more. Keychains, mugs, and magnets make wonderful gifts. And especially appropriate for Christmas, put your photo on a Christmas Ornament or a Stocking.

Kuru Footwear 

KURU Footwear offers a wide selection of shoes that are unequaled in comfort and support. Featuring their patented KURUSOLE, these shoes dynamically flex with every step, hugging your heels and providing pain-free comfort. They’re available in a variety of colors and styles, so you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

The Word Game 

The Word Game by Otunumen Productions brings a new way of experiencing the bible and interacting with your faith. Bringing you closer to God, the WORD game provides a new, interactive way to experience the books and teachings of the Bible so you can keep practicing from the safety of your own home. The WORD Game is based on the King James Version of the Bible. This non-competitive game can not only bring you closer to your faith, but also to the ones you play with.


Avenova Lid & Lash Solution for everyday use fights off toxins and inflammation caused by bacteria. It uses Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), which is something that your body naturally produces, to rejuvenate your eyes. This patented, FDA cleared formulation is the only stable and truly pure solution in existence. It will help to successfully relieve chronic eye conditions like Dry Eye, Blepharitis, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Contact Lens Intolerance, and Inflammation…with no stinging or irritation to your eyes.

Buck Naked Soap Company 

Buck Naked Soap Company is an all-natural, vegan handcrafted luxury beauty brand that makes high quality, handcrafted, vegan, cold process natural soap and bath products. Using only the best in naturally occurring ingredients, they craft each product in small batches using care and control. They offer soaps, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, lotions, and more in several wonderful scents that will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.

Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags 

Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags will eliminate the need for plastic bags! They are super strong, yet weigh less than a lipstick themselves. These excellent quality bags fold up neatly into a compact little bundle that will fit in your pocket, purse or glove box, so it’s easy to have one with you at all times. They’re perfect for shopping and they’re far better for the environment than single-use plastic bags. You’ll love them so much that you’ll never go anywhere without them!

GrooveLife Apple Watch Band 

The Philadelphia Eagles Groove Watch Band from Groove Life is the perfect gift for any Eagles fan. The medical-grade silicone keeps your watch band flexible and comfortable while maintaining a high level of durability. Your wrists will stay dry and rash free thanks to their technology that allows air in and moisture out. It’s the perfect accessory to complete your game day outfit, whether at home, at work, or at the big game!

Hot Tresses 

Follow your tailored Hot Tresses Rehab hair care and healing plan and achieve 3 key outcomes: † Reduce your dependency on heat styling † Eliminate frizz and reduce hair fibre friction † Repair damaged hair and stimulate growth. No longer will you need straighteners to achieve glamorous tresses. Our plant-based 3 step process will have your hair abuse-free, chemical-free and frizz-free within just 30 days. When considering the long-term consequences of constant hair abuse, it’s vital we stop the cycle of dependency.

Qualia Mind 

Qualia Mind is a dietary supplement from Neurohacker Collective that will help improve your mental performance. It’s one of the most advanced and comprehensive mental performance products available. Its fast-acting formula is designed to fuel cognition while supporting long-term brain health and helping you focus better, decrease procrastination, and have more energy. Let Qualia Mind help you get the most of life!

Vevok Manual Coffee Grinder 

The VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder is a great gift idea for the coffee lover on your gift list. It has 6 precise settings that make it easy to get a specific grind ranging from coarse to fine. It has a stainless steel burr, which is faster and more effective than ceramic, and will grind the coffee beans in about 45 seconds. The long hand crank makes grinding super easy, and it’s much quieter than an electric coffee grinder. It fits easily in your bag and requires no electricity or batteries, making it perfect for travel. With this lightweight, high-quality grinder it’s easy to have fresh ground coffee no matter where you are!

Mindware Qwirkle 

Qwirkle is a best selling game from Mindware that is perfect for a family game night. Players score points by building rows and columns of brightly-colored tiles that are either all the same color or all the same shape, without creating duplicates. If you create a line of all six in a row, you score a “Qwirkle.” This game is the perfect combination of skill and chance that all ages can play, understand, and enjoy!

PNY XLR8 CS3030 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Gen3 x4 Internal Solid State Drive (SSD), Read up to 3,500 – M280CS3030-1TB-RB 

The PNY XLR8 CS3030 M.2 NVME SSD is an excellent choice for an NVMe upgrade from a SATA based solid state Drive (SSD) in an existing NVMe enabled PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer. This is a high-performance SATA SSD replacement that will help you get faster boot times, quicker application launches, and better overall system performance, letting you do more in less time. Your computer will boot up, power down, and load applications up to 6 times faster than with SATA based SSD’s. The PNY XLR8 CS3030 M.2 NVME SSD is highly durable with no moving parts, making it less likely to fail.

Indigo Marine Collagen 

This premium Marine Collagen is potent and pure. It’s free of additives, preservatives, colors, fillers, bulking agents and is non-GMO. It’s Keto, Paleo, and Whole30 friendly. It’s Gluten, Dairy, and Soy-free, and it’s Kosher certified. Indigo uses only the finest, safest, cleanest, and most responsibly sourced ingredients in their products. So add Indigo’s Marine Collagen to your diet today. Strengthen your bones, hair, skin, and nails; and reclaim the beauty and radiance of your youth.

Iron in a Bottle


Iron in a Bottle is an all-natural wrinkle releaser spray for clothing and home. It’s a breakthrough formula that’s eco-friendly, BPA free, cruelty-free, and made in America. This breakthrough formula contains zero harsh chemicals and is completely non-toxic, so it’s safe for even the smallest family members. And it’s so easy to use! Just hang your clothing on a hanger or lay it on a flat surface. Hold the bottle 8-12 inches away from the garment and spray in a sweeping motion until all the wrinkles on the front and back are slightly damp.

Cool Me Scarf

If you’re a woman who experiences hot flashes caused by menopause, chemotherapy treatments, or other ailments, the Cool Me Scarf is going to be your new best friend! This fashionable, luxurious scarf has a pocket that discreetly conceals a comforting cooling pack that will provide temporary relief from hot flashes. So stop suffering through those hot flashes. Get relief with the Cool Me Scarf!

Three Peaks UMF 12+ Manuka Honey 

Three Peaks single serve multi-packs contains 10 x 5g “snapable” servings of this ultra-premium UMF 12+ Manuka honey. It fits neatly in the palm of your hand and is easily stowed in your bag. This means you can enjoy the benefits of Manuka honey in your tea, coffee or as a delicious energy boost – no matter where you are. Simply snap them, and squeeze!

Forged Traditional 2 Pc Carving Set 

Tramontina’s Gourmet Professional Series Forged Traditional 2 Piece Chef’s Carving Set is ideal for slicing roasts, turkey, chicken, and fish. Each piece is forged from a single solid piece of premium high carbon stainless steel, giving it unrivaled strength and durability. The 8″ chef’s knife has a fully tapered blade that’s beveled with a precision honed fine edge. The handle design maintains the traditional style preferred by executive chefs, with an emphasis on perfect balance and a firm, comfortable grip. The long tines of the carving fork can hold larger cuts of meat in place while slicing, and it keeps your hands at a safer distance from the blade. Both pieces in the set work together harmoniously to help simplify carving tasks in the kitchen.

Froggy’s Lair

Whether your home is full of pets or if you are looking for your very first pet, you must consider your family’s needs along with their wishes. Sure, a dog may be loads of fun but they are also loads of work. Maybe a frog is a better option for a busy family or for extending your number of pets. Froggy’s Lair offers a complete biosphere and even ships African Dwarf Frog directly to your home. There is VERY little care needed for your frogs but the frogs provide some great entertainment. Only requiring feeding twice a week and a tank that cleans itself with no electricity used (read more about how a biosphere works) makes it an incredible gift for any home!

Ab Wheel Roller for Core Workout, Pushup Handles for Floor, Jump Ropes for Fitness, and Resistant Band

This fitness bundle from Emerging Green has everything you need for a complete core workout. It comes with an ab wheel roller, the perfect push up handles, jump rope, kneeling pad and exercise band. This is a complete set of home workout equipment for both men and women. Each piece of equipment will target different parts of your body – abs, hip flexors, shoulders and back – to strengthen your core muscles, lower the risk of muscle injury and improve your agility.

PlayMakar Percussion Massager MVP-1000 

The PlayMakar Percussion Massager MVP-1000 penetrates muscles and deep tissue to soothe sore and aching muscles while quickly relieving pain and joint discomfort. The 6 speed, high torque motor is very quiet and the rechargeable lithium Ion, 24V battery offers 3+ hours of active treatment. The massager is lightweight and portable, making it great for on the go use.

Bravity Sports Bra Bundle 

The Bravisport Padded Women’s Medium Support Sports Bra from Bravity features racer back straps that give you support and a full range of motion during your workout. It has a unique Y-Shaped breast separation design that limits breast compression, preventing the formation of lines and creases on the cleavage area. This bra provides snug support without being restrictive, with removable pads for custom shape and comfort. The smooth elastic hem band offers a soft, secure fit, letting you focus on your body and mind instead of your cleavage.

KARYNG Revitalizing Eye Cream & Bright TXA Serum 

KARYNG offers products that will specifically target your eye concerns. One great product is their Revitalizing Eye Cream with Pro-Verte Complex. It’s an energizing cream with anti-oxidant Soybean Extract, rich Shea Butter, and Karyng’s patented Pro-Verte Complex. It targets all eye concerns and helps to visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. Another great product is their Bright TXA Serum with Pro-Verte and Blanc-Verte Complex. It contains a powerful duo of patented Pro-Verte (a proprietary natural anti-aging and anti-inflammatory complex) and Blanc-Verte (a proprietary brightening complex with 4% Tranexamic Acid) to help brighten your skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin discoloration. It also has Red Seaweed and Glycerin to help bind moisture and maintain skin barrier health.

LumiCharge 2 – All in One LED Desk Lamp 

The LumiCharge II All in One LED Desk Lamp is a multi-functional lamp and charging station. In addition to being a functional LED desk lamp, it is also a convenient place to charge your phone. It has a 10W wireless fast charger for your smartphone, as well as a universal phone dock that is compatible with any type of smartphone. The LED lighting system has three different hues and ten levels of brightness that will provide the perfect lighting to suit your needs. It has a built-in motion sensor that will automatically turn on a night light when you enter the room and a smart LED display that shows the time, date, day of the week, and temperature. Whether you’re a student, business owner, or simply someone who likes to read before bed, you’ll love all of the features on this lamp.

Dollar Tea Club 

If you’re tired of drinking the same old tea flavor, you can discover exotic new blends each month with a subscription to Dollar Tea Club. With subscription plans starting at $1 per month, you will receive delicious new blends in your mailbox every month. There’s no contract, so you can cancel anytime. And the teas you receive are guaranteed to be fresh. So if you’re a tea lover, or have someone on your gift list who is, you’ll love Dollar Tea Club!

Jins Bluelight Glasses 

Jins Bluelight Glasses will protect your eyes from the blue light that is emitted from your digital devices. They block 25% of the blue light that comes from your computer, laptop, smartphone or other devices. The lenses on Jins Bluelight Glasses have a clear tint, making them convenient to wear regularly and allowing you to see your screen without any distracting discoloration.


If you’re one of those people who constantly loses things (keys, phone, glasses, etc.), then you’ll love Tile. Tile is the World’s best selling Bluetooth tracker. By attaching the Bluetooth enabled Tile to whatever you need to keep track of, and using the handy Tile app, everything is findable. You can ring your lost item if it’s nearby, by tapping the “FIND” button. If you misplace your phone, the Tile app can help you find it by making it ring, even if it’s on silent. If it’s far away, the Tile app will show you where it was the last time it was updated. And if it’s truly lost, tap “NOTIFY WHEN FOUND”. Then every phone running the Tile app can anonymously help you find your lost Tile. With Tile, you’ll never lose your things again!

Emerging Green Hanging Planter

The Emerging Green Set of 3 Hanging Planters are designed for functionality and elegance. The sturdy round basket is constructed of strong steel with a tough black vinyl coating. A black vinyl coated hook and three heavy-duty black vinyl coated steel chains are attached to the basket, making it easy to hang. Each basket includes a pre-formed coco liner, so it’s ready to fill and hang immediately. These are perfect for the plant lover who doesn’t want to take up space with plant stands.

Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique Sip in Style Gift Box 

Looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend, mom, sister, or best friend? Shopping at Bridesmaid Gift Boutique is not just for brides. Their Sip in Style box is perfect for any woman! The silky personalized robe (in your choice of prints) is packaged inside a sturdy, personalized box with a monogrammed black or white tumbler. Bridesmaid Gift Boutique also offers personalized bags, cosmetic bags, jewelry, and more!

1Tree Mission Bracelets 

1 Tree Mission® sells quality bracelets made from semi-precious stone beads. Each bracelet is made by hand using recycled cord and recycled packaging. They have 10 different styles to choose from. With each sale, 1 Tree Mission plants a new tree in local US communities and forests. They also plant trees in sub-Sahara Africa, Australia, Borneo, and the Amazon rainforest to help combat global warming, cleanse our air/water, and preserve wildlife habits!

H.E.A.L’s Stress Reliever Kit 

H.E.A.L’s Stress Reliever Kit provides relief from life’s daily stresses. Begin with a bath or foot soak with the OSI Magnesium Bath Flakes. Then drop a few drops of H.E.A.L’s Relaxation Essential Oil Blend into your water. Spray the Magnesium Oil directly onto the areas of your body that feel sore or have achy muscles and massage gently while soaking. After your relaxing bath, liberally apply the OSI Magnesium Body Lotion and gently massage it into your skin. Once finished, you will feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the holiday season. And the best thing is, you can repeat as often as you like!

CRYx MD Skincare Acne Control System 


If you have acne prone skin and are searching for a skincare routine that really works, give the Acne Control System from CYRx MD Skincare a try. It was created by scientists using cruelty free chemicals and it’s perfect for sensitive skin. It fights bacteria that clogs your pores, clearing them up and fighting inflammation. The system consists of four medical grade products: Sun Defense SPF 50 Sunscreen, Acne Control Pads, Acne Control Cleanser and Acne Control Serum. This system will help you get the clear skin you dream of.

Sage Owl Healthy Key 

Healthy Key to open most push, pull, and sliding doors. You can use it to press buttons on things like ATMs, elevators, gas pumps, and credit card readers. You can even use it on shopping carts and certain touchscreens. Your hands will stay clean and avoid contamination from these germ-infested surfaces. So carry one with you everywhere you go. You can stash it on your keychain, in your pocket, or glove box so it’s always handy and ready to use.

CDN Waterproof Folding Thermocouple Thermometer 

The Waterproof Folding Thermocouple Thermometer from CDN is an innovative, fast cooking thermometer, that provides accurate temperature readings with a fast 2-3 second response. The built in gyro sensor rotates the backlit display in four directions, making it easy to read in any position. Tests show that it’s protected against being immersed in over three feet of water for up to 30 minutes, so no worries if you accidentally drop it into a sink full of water. The 4.33″ 304 stainless steel stem will automatically turn the thermometer on and off. The 1.5 mm thin tip allows for easy insertion into thin cuts of delicate fish or meats as well as general purpose cooking.

Mind + Beauty Essential Oils 

Mind + Beauty offers a large selection of Essential Oils that will help you look and feel your best. Whether you want to sleep better, have more energy, or have a state of mind that’s focused, calm, and positive and skin that is healthy and radiant, they have an oil for you. They have Anti-Anxiety Oil, Beguiling Beauty Oil, Cool Oil (for hot flashes), and many more! If you can’t decide which oil to purchase, get a starter kit that contains five of their original oils: The Beauty of Sleep, The Beauty of Energy, The Beauty of Uplift, The Beauty of Calm, and The Beaty of Focus.

Solo Eyewear Repurposed Bamboo India Sunglasses 

Solo Eyewear creates environmentally responsible sunglasses that restore vision for people in need. From the Repurposed Bamboo Collection, the India sunglasses feature Polarized Lenses with 100% UV protection. The handcrafted, prescription friendly acetate frames are lightweight and have spring-loaded hinges. These glasses have matte ocean blue frames with repurposed bamboo temples dark grey lenses.

MyoStorm’s Meteor 2.0 

The Meteor from MyoStorm is a self-heating, vibrating massage therapy ball that combines heat with MyoStorm’s Ultrasoothe Vibration technology. It’s designed to facilitate muscle recovery and help reduce chronic pain. It provides a deep tissue massage that’s perfect for the stiff muscles, knots, and soreness that comes after a workout. It’s perfectly calibrated for your everyday aches and pains.

Fissler Adamant Wok with Lid 

The Fissler Adamant Wok is a robust wok that features very good nonstick properties and outstanding thermal conductivity, making it perfect for both gentle and crispy frying. It’s characterised by its timeless design. Its cookstar all hob base makes it suitable for every type of hob, including induction. The specially developed Fissler platinum manufacturing process guarantees that the base will lie totally flat on the stove, which is the best prerequisite for even heat distribution from the base to the rim of the pot. The handles stay cool on the stovetop, making the wok easy to pick up and carry without worrying about burning your hands.

IllumineyeZ Rejuvenator 

The IllumineyeZ Rejuvenator will help you to unlock the full benefits of your favorite serums and creams. It is easy to use and gentle enough for all skin types. With a 10,000 times per minute high-frequency vibration, it will help to rebuild collagen and elasticity, tighten pores and enhance blood circulation to protect against puffiness and dark circles. The negative ion massager will visibly reduce fine lines and eye bags, restoring vitality and giving visible results with just a few minutes of use each day. Use code “My20” where you will get 20% off at checkout!

Winning Moves Tile Up

Are you ready for a challenging game? Winning Moves’ Tile Up will get your mind thinking, for sure. Draw a card and secretly try to match the tile diagram from the card onto the board. The color of the tiles have to match. Win points for every tile (including all the tiles underneath your tiles). The higher the stack of tiles, the higher the points. Do you have the strategy to win against your opponents?

Wind Passion Bracelets 

Wind Passion takes yachting ropes and turns them into unique, marine style handmade unisex bracelets. They are great bracelets for the minimalist because they have a very clean, simple design. These make great gifts for friends or even a great stocking stuffer for your family member!

RARE Personalized Family Quarantine Christmas Ornament

The 2020 Christmas Ornament from RARE. depicts a Quarantine Family complete with masks, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer! You can choose the number of people in the family (1-6), the ethnicity, and even have names put on their hats, and your family name or a short message added to the bottom. It’s the perfect ornament to represent such a crazy year! We have never been able to find a Christmas ornament that depicts our family since my daughter is Hispanic and the rest of us are Caucasian. RARE took care of that and made sure it looked more like our family!

Stephanie Anne Illustration

Stephanie Anne Illustrations will turn your photos into unique works of art. Send them your favorite photo, and they will paint it as a digital watercolor. You’ll receive a .jpg or pdf image file of your finished piece and you’ll be ready to print it and share it on social media. You can also add an 11″ x 14″ print to your order and a fine art print will be shipped to you. You can have them recreate the existing background on your photo, or you can request that a custom background be added instead. You can also choose to have text added to your illustration, such as a wedding date, birthday message or any message of your choice. You’ll love having a custom illustration to display in your home or on social media.

Aurorae Yoga Bag and Yoga Mat 

The Aurorae Duffel Bag and Yoga Mat are must-haves for any yoga lover. The Yoga Mat Duffel Bag is extra large and will easily hold any mats measuring up to 26″ long. It’s made of quilted easy-care polyester canvas (in your choice of black or navy) and has attractive gold embroidery and zipper accents. There’s plenty of room to carry multiple standard size mats, or a pro-style mat, along with your accessories (towels, water bottle, change of clothes, etc). There’s even a large outside zipper to securely carry your valuables such as a wallet, phone, and keys. The Synergy On The Go Yoga Mat is a 2 in 1 foldable Yoga Mat for yogis on the move. Available in several different colors, it’s mobile and lightweight. It’s made with an integrated Microfiber Towel and anti-slip patented Synergy Technology to absorb sweat. It folds flat enough to fit into luggage, backpacks and most carry on cases, so it’s perfect for traveling.

TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush 

The ONA Diamond Facial Brush from TAO comfortably cleanses using a powerful rotational technology that’s more effective than manual washing. The spinning motion, combined with the silky soft bristles will thoroughly clean your pores, safely dislodging dirt, dead skin cells, and makeup residue. The brush head is kept clean and protected from environmental contaminants by the TAO Clean Base Station. It also dries the brush head while it’s charging, so the brush is ready for use when you are!

Acoustic Chef Book & CD 

Acoustic Chef is a CD and book of delicious, easy, and unique recipes from around the world, with stories and music to go with each. The CD is held on the inside cover, but it also becomes part of the artwork on the front of the book. The culmination of many years of savoring great food and music as she tours, Muriel Anderson shares a taste of these treasured adventures. Joined by great musicians from each country represented in the book, Muriel has combined cooking, art, and music and created a masterpiece!

Stay Away Moths

Perfect for a stocking stuffer or as an ‘insurance’ accessory with your present, EarthKind’s plant-based and poison-free Stay Away Moths repellent swaps toxic mothballs for a unique blend of essential oils. Its cedarwood, geranium, and gerinol patented formula effectively keeps moths away without harm to you, your pets, children, or the environment, while preserving the quality and longevity of your favorite pieces.

The Miracles Inspirational Mugs 

Drinking coffee from one of these Mugs with Inspirational Quotes from The Miracles will give you strength and encouragement to face the day ahead. You can make the feelings of inspiration and hope a part of your everyday routine by reading the inspiring quotes on these mugs while you drink your morning coffee. Quotes like “Believe in Miracles”, “Be Kind” and “You Are Enough”, along with the accompanying uplifting artwork, will remind you of the important things in life.

Recover 180° 

RECOVƎR 180° is a premium beverage for functional hydration for those who work hard and play harder – with essential vitamins and plant-based extracts. The isotonic formula is fuel for life, packing 3x the electrolytes in each 16-ounce bottle with half the calories and a third of the sugar than other popular drinks on the market. Plus, RECOVER is now NSF Certified for Sport® which makes it the perfect beverage for all levels of activity. Available in three delicious flavors in Blood Orange, Citrus or Acai Berry, a pack of 12 can be delivered right to your door via Amazon.


These patented toeless grip socks from Tucketts allow your toes to have complete sensory contact with the ground. This helps strengthen your foot muscles while preventing tendon overuse injuries. The grip soles prevent your feet from sliding like they do when you’re barefoot, and they give your feet additional support while minimizing the risk of infection. Tucketts are great for yoga, pilates, gymnastics, dance, and more. And they’re so comfortable, you may never want to take them off!


Salonpas offers pain-relieving patches that provide temporary relief for minor aches and pains. You can use them to help with muscle soreness, sprains, back pain, backache, joint pain, and neck pain. You can easily and discreetly wear them under your clothing for up to 8 hours of pain relief. Get through your day with these easy to use, effective topical pain-relief patches.

Nurture Life 

Nurture Life is a Healthy Meal Delivery Service that helps you to provide delicious and nutritious meals for your family. They provide delicious meals made from real ingredients. These meals designed by registered dietitians and chefs to ensure that each age group receives the amount of nutrition that is needed for healthy growth and development. The meals will be delivered to your door, fresh and ready to eat after heating for 2 minutes or less. With Nurture Life, even on your busiest days, you will be able to provide nutritious and delicious meals for your family. Use coupon code MYFOURANDMORE for 25% off your first two orders.


ORBEL is the ultimate personal hand sanitizer on the market. It’s changing the habit of hand hygiene. The convenient snap-on clips keep it easily accessible, allowing you to consistently apply it using ORBEL’s patented roller ball design. The medical-grade hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and viruses within 15 seconds of application, making this a must-have in today’s world. The patented, award-winning, and habit-forming design allow you to take ORBEL with you anywhere…work, home, school, or on the go! It has a pleasant fragrance and it’s both recyclable and eco-friendly. Disinfecting your hands on the go has never been easier!


CaneWraps are a great gift for the holiday season for your family member or friend that uses a cane.  CaneWraps simple wrap around a standard cane and transform it from a symbol of aging and disability into a fun statement of fashion and style!  Match any of the 18 colors and prints to your outfit, your personality, and even your mood!  Each CaneWrap features reflectivity for nighttime visibility and a hidden identification label for easy return and they come on and off in a flash!  A great gift to encourage your special friend or family member to go places, been seen, and look fabulous!

Deluxe Pente 

First introduced in the 1970s, Pente is a contemporary strategy game based upon several closely related games that have been popular in Asia for centuries – most notably the game of Go! The object is simple – the first player to place 5 stones in a row or to capture 5 pairs of opposing stones is the winner. Add Deluxe Pente from Winning Moves to your family game night.

PNY 16GB (2x8GB) XLR8 Gaming Epic-X RGB DDR4 3200MHz Desktop Memory

The PNY 16GB (2x8GB) XLR8 Gaming Epic-X RGB DDR4 3200MHz Desktop Memory will let you experience the benefits of a PC Memory Upgrade with the ability to run more demanding applications simultaneously, and at faster speeds. It offers a brilliant RGB design combined with extreme overclocked performance, which will take your PC to the extreme.

You’ll be able to customize your PC’s color and lighting effects with no additional cables or connectors needed. It’s engineered with high-performance aluminum heat spreaders to dissipate heat and maintain performance even under the most intense workloads. With a better, smoother computing experience, you’ll not only be able to destroy the competition, but your system will look great while doing so.

Wrap Away

Wrap Away is a stylish and portable wrap that will fit in your purse. This wrap comes in five unique colors and is now also available in black. It has buttons that are made from sustainable materials such as coconut, bamboo, or recycled cardboard. The wrap will fold into itself to a compact size of 6″ x 5″, making it easy to carry when it isn’t being worn. It’s perfect for outdoor concerts, sporting events, or any time you plan to spend time outdoors.

Ardis Labs Skincare 

Acne solutions are typically aimed at the skin. Ardis Labs Skincare digs much deeper, treating more than just the outside. Ardis Labs works from the inside out. The three-step package provides a Clear Skin Complex which is pills packed with the nutrients your skin needs to be healthy and clear of acne. It also includes an Acne Cleanser and Acne Treatment Cream. This three-step program promotes clear skin without harmful toxins that cause cancer. No burning, peeling, or hardening, only a clear complexion. Give the gift of clear skin. Guaranteed to have clearer skin or you can get your money back!

The Hotel Collection Towel, Handtowel, and Washcloth 

Who doesn’t need new towels?! Give your bathroom a fresh new look with towels that will last. The Hotel Collection Towel Set comes in 21 different colors which are sure to complement your bathroom’s decor. Towels, hand towels, and washcloths are sold individually, allowing everyone to purchase just the right amount for their household. The Hotel Collection is exclusive to Macy’s Department Store for in-store and online purchases.

South of France 

South of France Natural Body Care lets you indulge in a journey of the senses with their artfully crafted soaps. Pamper and cleanse yourself with the luxurious lather of bar soap and hand wash, or smooth and exfoliate your skin with the gentle sugar scrubs. Relax and enjoy as you tantalize your senses with the heavenly floral, citrus and indulgent scents.

Betty Bossi Veggie Sheet Slicer 

Whether you are looking to prepare lasagna with a thin sheet of zucchini in place of your pasta or maybe you are needing a thin slice of apple to create your favorite apple pie recipe, the Veggie Sheet Slicer by Betty Bossi is going to be a great tool to keep on hand. The Betty Bossi Veggie Sheet Slicer can take your favorite fruits and veggies and create a thin slice to use for a variety of recipes. Make your own homestyle chips or create a healthier, low-carb alternative to your favorite dish!

Valdi Luxury Beachwear 

Valdi Luxury Beachwear provides stylish cover-ups for the beach, pool, or spa. Choose from a variety of prints and styles to fit your needs. Make sure you throw in a quality beach tote, not just for the ease of carrying your belongings around but also to add an extra touch of style. J. Valdi also carries face masks!


Bondic works when glue won’t help, this bonding agent easily fixes nearly any surface, break, or problem around the home with a 4 step process. Just clean, cure, fill, and shape. This spectacular adhesive can be used on glass, plastic, wood, and many other surfaces. You’ll place Bondic on the item or surface you need to fix, shine the UV light on it for about 4 seconds, and voila! Everything is fixed!

Unlike superglue, you don’t have to worry about sticking your fingers together or getting glue on your fingers. Bondic only cures when the included UV light is shined on this liquid adhesive, leaving you able to mold and shape Bondic onto the item you’re fixing without creating a mess.

Jabra Evolve2 65 

Looking for an explosive headset with amazing sound and comfort? Look no farther than The Jabra Evolve2 65. With memory foam cushions that mold to your ears, you will be amazed at how comfortable they really are. With crystal clear audio that is even customizable using the Jabra Sound+ app, you will not want to take this headset off! If that was enough you can get 37 hours of usage out of only 90 minutes of charging, to keep the music going as long as you are!

Janie Cake’s 

Janie’s Cakes offers a large selection of delicious flavored Pound Cakes. They use only real ingredients: farm fresh eggs, creamery butter, pure cane sugar, and absolutely no preservatives. With flavors like Italian Jane (Vanilla Pound Cake filled with Italian Buttercream and topped with Toasted Pecans), Saucy Jane (Vanilla Pound Cake filled with Chocolate Sauce and topped with Chocolate Shavings), Berry Jane (Vanilla Pound Cake filled with Raspberry Curd and topped with White Chocolate Shavings) and TX Bourbon Whiskey Lane Jane (Vanilla Pound Cake infused with TX Bourbon Whiskey, filled with Whiskey Toasted Almonds and topped off with a Whiskey Glaze), you’re sure to find something that will make your mouth water!

Fimo Leather-Effect Modeling Clay

STAEDTLER-Mars North America is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of creative products, and they’ve recently launched an exciting new addition to the FIMO clay family in the USA called Leather- Effect. This new oven bake modeling clay comes in 12 different colors and can be used to produce crafts that look and feel similar to leather! It can be found at Michaels, Jo-Ann stores, and Hobby Lobby across the nation. It can be purchased in block form (retailing for $3.49 per block) or in DIY sets to create tassels or bookmarks (retailing for $11.99 each). This Leather-Effect clay and DIY sets make great stocking stuffers!

H.E.A.L’s Holiday Gift Kit 

The holiday season can be extremely stressful as we rush around trying to get everything done in time for Christmas. This stress leaves us all tense and in dire need of relaxation. So why not give the gift of relaxation with the H.E.A.L’s Holiday Gift Kit? It comes complete with the perfect natural health products to use anytime that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the holidays. You get an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser With Color Changing LED, a 2 Pack of Vanilla, Cinnamon & Nutmeg Ear Candles, and a 0.5oz bottle of Holiday Spice Essential Oil. This is a perfect gift idea for anyone on your gift list.


Combat old and new acne scars, dark spots and fine lines with the Banish 2.0 Kit. Promote collagen with the sharp and fine 24k Gold Plated titanium bristles of the Banisher. The kit comes with your choice of Banish oil (for dry skin) or Vitamin C Creme (for oily and combination skin). Using the Banish 2.0 Kit will improve the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles to make your skin tone appear more even. ACNE SCARS TREATMENT OPTIONS 

Soap Cauldron Bath Salt Gift Tote Trio 

The Bath Salt Gift Tote Trio from Soap Cauldron contains three 20 oz Bath Salts. It’s thoughtfully and sustainably packaged in an elegant, easy to carry tote. Pamper someone you love with this Gift Tote Trio.

Waterdrop Water Filter Straw with Collapsible Water Pouch & Gravity Water Bag 

The Waterdrop Water Filter Straw with Collapsible Water Pouch and Gravity Water Bag will meet your emergency water needs in various situations. It can be easily carried, making it perfect for hiking, camping, domestic and international travel, and emergency preparedness for things like tornadoes, rainstorms, earthquakes and floods. It easily connects to water bags or water bottles to filter water for drinking, effectively removing 99.99% of bacteria and protozoans.

Vidbox Video Conversion for PC & MAC 

Do you have videos from back before the digital era? With Vidbox Video Conversion, you can convert your old VHS tapes, camcorder, MiniDV, and 8mm tapes into digital form. As VHS systems are becoming harder and harder to find, you do not want to get to the point where you lose all those precious video memories simply because they either go bad over time or you do not have anything to play them with. Vidbox offers a system for both PC and MAC computers.

Keebos Handsfree & Carefree Phone Case

Do you ever battle with (or know someone who battles) having to juggle their phone among all the other various “stuff” in life? Maybe a mom of little kids who needs free hands for catching their child before they take off running in a parking lot or maybe a teacher who has to carry stacks of papers from class to class? It may even be a friend who enjoys going on long walks in their pocketless yoga pants. Keebos will be a life-changer, no matter the situation! Keebos phone cases have a built-in lanyard to allow for the user to wear their phone around their neck. The length can be adjusted to that the phone can be worn as a necklace style position or it can be at the longest length to be worn crossbody style. Give a handsfree gift this Christmas!

Mathematics Calendar 

Life can be pretty hectic. Keeping organized may be top on your list for 2021. Quarto Knows has a great group of fun, new calendars that include September 2020 through December 2021. This mathematics calendar is a fun one for the mathematician in your family (or your child’s math teacher) but they have many other great calendars to choose from! Check out all the calendars available through Quarto Knows!

Soap Cauldron Soap and Body Butter Gift Set 

The Something Wicked Bar Soap and Body Butter Gift Set from Soap Cauldron contains one handmade artisan Bar Soap, one Body Butter and a Silk Screened Muslin Gift Bag. Made from ultra premium plant oils and butters, this gift set is indulgent and pampering. Whether you want to pamper yourself, or someone you love, this gift set is the perfect choice.

Kristy Rice Painterly Days

Painterly Days: the Woodland Watercoloring Book features 25 beautiful illustrations printed on quality watercolor paper. The artwork is printed on the front and the back of the paper, so you get to paint each one twice. Each pattern has a coordinating story with painting tips and ideas on how to stay creative. Celebrate grace over perfection as you dive in to the kind of joy that only watercolor can bring!

Winning Moves Risk Europe 

Do you love a good game of strategy? Winning Moves Risk Europe is most definitely for you! Challenge your friend or family member to find out who will control Europe. Go back into the days of kings and knights and create your own army to expand your very own kingdom. Between the luck of the roll and a strategic mind, only one will conquer Europe and reign supreme!

Tactical Pens 

These Tactical Pens from Alphapointe are incredible to write with. These pens are hand made, incredibly sturdy, and will write in nearly any situation and under nearly any conditions. Members of the military rely on the B3 Aviator Pen while on the front lines because of their dependability. The Defender Pen not only writes great, but they’re also an invaluable tool because the tips are designed to be used to break glass if needed. And the Luminator Pen comes equipped with a red LED light to illuminate as you write, allowing you to see as you write in any conditions, regardless of whether it’s day or night. If you’re looking for a great ink pen to write with, try the ones that our military relies on.

Soap Cauldron Ceramic Gift Cauldron Set 

The Ceramic Gift Cauldron from Soap Cauldron is jet black and has handles on either side. It easily accommodates a body butter and bar soap and is perfect for gifting. Choose the bar soap and body butter from the entire Soap Cauldron selection for a perfect gift combination.

Sage Owl Grate Grill Scraper 

The Grate Grill Scraper is a 5 in 1 grill cleaning tool that will work with almost any design, brand, and style of grill. It features 6 notches for round grates, 5 notches for V-shaped grates, and 3 notches for the park and campground grates (fits the barbecue grills that are found in most state and national parks and campgrounds). It even has a Lodge grill pan scraper, griddle scraper, and bottle opener for added convenience. This scraper is small enough to slip into your pocket, backpack, or glove box, so you can easily take it with you when you go camping, hiking, or anywhere!

Capresso Grind Select

The Capresso Grind Select delivers fresh coffee that’s ground to the right fineness for espresso machines, drip coffee makers, French press, pour over and percolators. It has 15 grind settings that lets you consistently get uniformly ground coffee varying from fine ground to coarse ground. You can also set the cup selector dial to automatically grind the right amount of coffee for 2-12 cups. Best of all, it has a dual safety system that shuts off the grinder if the coffee bean container lid or ground coffee container are not in place, giving you peace of mind as you use it with confidence.

VELVAN’s CO Breeze-Wind 

Breeze Wind from VELVAN’S CO is a wonderful new alternative to a scarf. This extremely soft, one piece unisex winter accessory provides amazing flexibility, warmth, style and convenience for cold winter days. It has six different adjustments to cover your face, neck and head exactly where you need it to keep you warm, eliminating the need for two separate wraps for the face and neck. It comes in your choice of colors (Pirate Black, Peru Brown, Manatee Gray and Prussian Blue), making it easy to accessorize.

ThinkFun WordARound 

With ThinkFun’s WordARound, you will be ready for a fun night, full of laughs, with friends. It is a quick action game that is far more challenging than you would think. Players are to look at a circular card with letters in a circle. There are no clues on where the word begins, you must figure that out on your own, before your friends! Are you up for the challenge?

Jabra Active 75t 

It has been said big things come in small packages. Whoever coined that phrase must have just opened their Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds. These earbuds provide exceptional audio quality whether making a call or listening to your favorite song. They are perfect for the gym with a fantastic fit and a two-year warranty against damage from sweat!  To top it off you can even download the Jabra App to your smartphone to customize your experience exactly how you like it!

Tajima Direct Polarized Replacement Lenses

Have a pair of sunglasses you loved, but the lenses are scratched, beaten up, or worn out? Tajima Direct Polarized Lens Replacement is the perfect way to extend the life and upgrade the quality of your favorite sunglasses. For a fraction of the cost of buying a complete new polarized pair of sunglasses, you’ll be receiving their patented Tajima Urethane polarized lenses, guaranteed to be better than your originals with the highest optical clarity and sharpness, 99% polarized efficiency, top impact resistance and shatter proof (won’t crack or shatter), high scratch resistance, and made to be the lightest weight lens available on the market. The process is quick and easy – head to their website and check if your frames are in their digital library – if so, they’ll send you the lenses (within 1-3 days) with an instructional video guide on how to put them in and if you don’t find your frames, they’ll send you a prepaid box to send your frames in to have their expert technicians do the replacement for you, before sending them directly back to you (within 2-4 days). The best part, a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not fully happy with the purchase, you’ll have 30 days once you receive them back to return them for a full refund (they’ll even cover return shipping)!

TAO Germ Shield UV Toothbrush Sanitizer 

The TAO Germ Shield UV Toothbrush Sanitizer will sterilize any and all sizes and types of toothbrushes, eliminating 99.9% of all bacteria and germs with its patented UV-C cleansing system. Just insert your toothbrush (electric or manual) and let Germ Shield go to work sterilizing it. Being powered by two AA batteries makes it simple to maintain, and its compact size makes it travel friendly.

Mindful Thoughts for Mothers 

Mindful Thoughts for Mothers by Riga Forbes brings mindful awareness to important moments of the mothering journey. This beautifully illustrated book is part of the Mindful Thoughts series, and it meditates on all aspects of motherhood. It will help you use mindfulness to manage the joys, stresses and demands of being a parent.

La Femme Unchained

With a “Warning” boldly posted on their website that states “La Femme Unchained is not a piece of jewelry… IT’S A STATEMENT”, they make it clear that their jewelry is something special. Their beautiful line of handcrafted necklaces uses the power of crystals and intentions to help you see what you want from life. They have a large selection of necklaces with different types of stones, in different shapes and colors. You are sure to find the one that will empower and speak to you.

Soap Cauldron Winter Solstice Kit

The Winter Solstice Bath & Body Gift Tote Trio consists of one Bar Soap, one Body Butter and one Bath Salt; all packaged in an elegant and easy to carry tote. A cooling blend of spearmint and peppermint captures the chilling cold that accompanies the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the earth is tilted the farthest away from the sun. Pamper yourself with this refreshing trio or gift it to someone you love.

eCreamery Humorous Holiday Collection and Santa’s Sweet Treat Collection

The taste of Christmas!! eCreamery’s Humorous Collection is everything you could dream of. Christmas flavored ice cream shipped directly to your front door! It is an ice cream lover’s dream. Some may have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads but I know many who would dream of delicious flavors of ice cream instead. Get a box of four pints that include custom-churned ice cream flavors such as White Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream with Chocolate Flakes (Be Naughty – Save Santa the Trip), Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites (Oh Fudge!), Vanilla Ice Cream with Toffee Crunch (Jingle All the Way), and Sea Salt Caramel Brownie Ice Cream (Naughty, Nice, I tried).

Or, maybe you want to try out the Santa’s Sweet Treat Collection which not only offers ice cream but also a box of delicious cookies! They are great for parties, gifts, or even just a special treat to snuggle up next to the fire and indulge. You sure can’t beat getting ice cream delivered straight to your door. (And if your kids are like mine, they will enjoy some science experiments with the dry ice).

Mindware Qwirkle Travel Game

Qwirkle Travel Size is perfect for travel, with 3/4 -inch, solid wood tiles stored in a convenient zippered pouch. This tactile block game combines logic and strategy with easy to learn rules. Plan your moves to create columns and rows of matching colors and shapes, and score big when you place a tile that works in multiple directions. With Qwirkle Travel Size, you can play and enjoy the game no matter where you are!

Be Kind Book

Be Kind: A Year of Kindness, One Week at a Time by Melissa Burmester and Jaclyn Lindsey encourages you to try an act of kindness every week for a year. Each of the 52 weeks of kindness includes a dose of inspiration, a fascinating statistic or fact about kindness and a suggestion for an act of kindness for you to do. Be Kind will have you changing yourself, your communities and the world, one week at a time.

Kristy Rice Watercolor Notecard Set 

This Watercolor Notecard Set of 12 – Favorites From Kristys Books contains 12 patterns from Kristy Rice’s two WATERcoloring book series (Painterly Days and Kristy’s Cutting Garden). The 12 flat cards come with envelopes and each has a different outlined image for you to paint. With this Artisan series set of cards, all levels of painters will be able to make “Art for Joy’s Sake”.


Rack-O is a fun family game from Winning Moves. Players randomly slot ten cards on their rack. The race then begins to draw and discard until one player positions ten cards in numerical sequence. I know it sounds simple, but you will need skillful play, concentration and just a little luck to win.

Back to the Future Game 

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time is a fun family game from Ravensburger. This 2-4 player game is recommended for ages 10 and up. After Biff steals the DeLorean and goes on a joyride through time, you’ll need to help Doc and Marty repair the spacetime continuum before time paradoxes unravel the very fabric of the universe!

The Grandpa Soap Co. 

The Grandpa Soap Co. offers a variety of body cleansers, haircare and bar soaps. Proclaimed for its restorative and cleansing benefits, this family owned and operated company has a whole line of soaps and cleansers, including their famous Pine Tar Soap, that have been thoughtfully created. For over 130 years, they have sourced the highest quality, hardworking, pure, simple and natural ingredients without compromising their value.

Winning Moves Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble

It’s Scrabble! Only, bigger and better. No more problems with having to squint to see the letters on the tiles. These Scrabble tiles are larger print than the typical. It also has a board with a place to set the tiles to keep them all in a straight line which is extra great for those who like everything to be nice and neat looking while playing. If you prefer the smaller size, Winning Moves also has the regular size Scrabble game available.

Kristy Rice #WATERCOLORKISS Notecards 

The Kristy Rice #WATERCOLORKISS Notecards has 8 hand cut paper flower cards to choose from. Lovingly illustrated and printed on watercolor friendly paper, they come ready to be painted. This “painting lesson in an envelope” is a great way to create joy, calm your mind and settle your weary spirit.


Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power is a 2-4 player game from Ravensburger, recommended for ages 12 and up. You’re an Iconic Villain, dominating the Marvel Universe and following your own twisted path to victory. You’ll relish in using your sinister abilities to take on other Villains and mighty heroes. Who will you choose to be? Thanos, Hela, Ultron? Or maybe Killmonger or Taskmaster?

Betty Bossi Potato Ricer 

Did you know a potato ricer is NOT just for potatoes? The Betty Bossi Potato Ricer is great for making perfect mashed potatoes but it can also be used for “mashing” other veggies. The potato ricer forces the cooked potato (or other veggies) through while shredding it into a fluffy, perfectly shredded texture. A potato ricer can also be used for making baby foods!

Enno Vatti 100 Kids Movies 

I love the concept of the Top 100 Kids Movies Poster by Enno Vatti. It’s like a giant scratch-off ticket with ten rows of ten squares that are covered with a scratch-off gold foil layer. Each square has the title of a kids movie printed above it – movies that are loved by children and their parents worldwide…from 20th Century classics to their modern remakes, as well as award-winning animation.

Kristy Rice The Art for Joy’s Sake Journal

The Art for Joy’s Sake Journal from Kristy Rice offers simple to adopt ways for all levels of painters to make “art for joy’s sake”. There are 10 illustrations that are ready to be watercolored, each printed on thick paper. With pages of inspirational artwork and quotes, these no stress watercolor exercises will help you to release your creative spirit in just minutes.


Dosha Mat is an acupressure mat that will help you relieve tension, reduce pain and soreness, improve your sleep, and more! These beautiful mats are handmade using the highest quality, hypoallergenic natural linen. Each mat has a removable cushion made of 100% natural coconut fiber and features more than 4,500 high-quality acupressure points in the beautiful shape of lotus flowers.

Hidden Places Book 

Hidden Places is a book written by Sarah Baxter. The insightful text and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations will take you to 25 of the world’s most secret destinations. Discover an ancient gateway to the Mayan underworld, visit a mysterious underwater monument off the Ryuku Islands in Japan or explore a prehistoric village in the Orkney Islands…a village that was hidden for centuries, buried beneath a huge sand dune.

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