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Anxiety… It is something so many struggles with, yet many times there is no conversation about it. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 18% of the adult population suffers from anxiety, yet only 36.9% will seek treatment.

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Having gone through a major battle of depression and anxiety myself, I get it. It can be hard, it can be smothering, it can be overwhelming. I still can’t explain it. but no matter how dark my days seemed, the nights always seemed to make them darker. Sleep was a struggle and many times nighttime seemed unending.

One of the things that seem to be a great asset for those nighttime struggles, is a weighted blanket. These blankets certainly provide a “snuggle” effect that provides a therapeutic effect. Think of a newborn and the comfort it brings when they are swaddled in their blanket. In addition, the pressure from the blanket can lead to a release of serotonin which helps calm and soothe the mind. Research also shows that the pressure can help trigger the nervous system to help lower the heart rate and breathing as well.

weighted blanket

The chunky knit Cotton Napper from Bearaby is a buttery soft and breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton weighted blanket that will help you sleep more deeply and wake feeling more rested. Medically proven to aid naturally deeper sleep cycles, the weight of the blanket on your body stimulates the production of serotonin (the happy hormone), reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), and increases melatonin, which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. 

A healthier choice for your home and the environment: organic cotton uses 85% less water than conventional farming methods and is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, synthetics, or artificial softeners.

The Cotton Napper from Bearaby can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle or delicate cycle. To dry, throw the blanket in the dryer on low. You will need to run it through the dry cycle a couple of times to be sure it is dry all the way through. Just don’t hang it to dry because the material may stretch into an odd shape. Having a weighted blanket that can be machine washed is a true blessing because it will most definitely be a blanket you use every single day!

weighted blanket

The weight of the blanket will help you sleep but the crocheted make of this blanket helps to allow airflow. This, unlike other weighted blankets, helps to keep you from sweating during the night even on warmer nights. I have another weighted blanket that is solid cotton material, similar to a regular blanket except with the pellets inside. It can get rather toasty because there is no way for air to get through the blanket PLUS it is weighted. The Cotton Napper helps with that, drastically, due to the separation in the material. It is just naturally breathable!

Weighted blankets are a great outlet for those suffering from stress and anxiety. Finding the weighted blanket that best fits your specific needs is important. For me, the Cotton Napper from Bearaby is my top pick! 

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