Wonder Park Movie, Dealing With Life’s Situations

Wonder Park Movie, Teaches Children to Deal With Their Feelings 

Kids deal with tougher emotions than we would like to admit. Decisions that we as parents make and even life situations that we can’t change such as illness or even death are hard on their little minds. They often like to suppress their feelings, get angry, and even try (without realizing it) to change, in their heads, the way things really are. The movie, Wonder Park, depicts, in a childlike way, the response a child can have to life’s difficult times. In the end, it shows how we can use the negative in our life for the better if we just take the time to realize when we may need to change the way we are thinking. It also shows how our anger and resentment during a negative situation can destroy others. 

Wonder Park will be released on DVD, Digital, and Blu-ray on June 18th.

Wonder Park Movie

Wonder Park’s lead character is a young girl with an imagination full of extremely creative ideas. June, the voice of 15-year-old Brianna Denski, and her mother come up with a story about “Wonderland”. Wonderland is an imaginary amusement park run by furry friends. June’s mother winds up getting sick and is sent to be cared for, away from June. June gets very upset and even burns the very blueprints she had created of Wonderland.

In the process of running away from math camp, June finds herself running through the woods trying to get home. She winds up discovering an old roller coaster car and hops in. When she does, she realizes she has entered her very own Wonderland! 


Wonderland is covered by a cloud named Darkness. June is busy trying to fix the park the way she envisioned it when it is attacked by Chimpanzombies (plush toys). With all the craziness, June winds up separated from her animal friends, Boomer, Greta, Gus, Copper, Steve, Peanut, and a chimpanzee. She winds up floating in a chamber known as Zero-G Land. 

June finally realizes, after finding Peanut hiding from Darkness, that she had created Darkness to try to cover her feelings she had about her mom being sick. In the meantime, the plush toys sneak in and take Peanut as a prisoner. June was able to escape and ran to find her friends. She told them about Peanut and confessed that she had made darkness come to life. Her friends got so upset with her that they abandoned her. That is when it hit her, she had created the BAD but she can also create the GOOD!

Wonder Park Movie

Letting Go of Darkness

She quickly fixed one of the attractions so that she was able to catch up to her friends. She finds the Chimpanzombies trying to take Peanut to be sucked up into the Darkness. June and the animals rush to save Peanut. The animal friends fight back while June convinces Peanut to not let Darkness get him. She uses her very own name to be able to get rid of Darkness. 

From that day forward, Darkness fled but a cloud remained over the park as a reminder to June that she can keep being imaginative despite the troubles in her life. June is able to make it home to find her mom, Mrs. Bailey, healed! The two of them set up Wonderland in their own backyard and shares with a bunch of other kids. 

Wonder Park Movie

The movie features the voices of stars including Mila Kunis, Jennifer Garner, Mathew Broderick, John Oliver, Ken Jeong, Keenan Thompson, Ken Hudson Campbell, and Norbert Leo Butz, among others. 

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