Elevating School Standards: School Line Marking

Elevating School Standards: School Line Marking

A school is a place that plays a great part in the formation of one’s intellect. Through games and projects and various event participations, children learn the value of forging relationships with each other. Now, with the help of School line markings schools can reach up to the children’s mind on a creative level and help in engaging them with the surroundings.

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Snoopy, Rides, and Family Time Make a Perfect Day at Carowinds Theme Park

Camp Snoopy is Now Open at Carowinds Theme Park

Who doesn’t love a good theme park? Many of the top parks across the country offer something for nearly everyone. Whether it is a high-speed rollercoaster for the adrenaline junkie, amazing food for the foodie or other shows or musical attractions for adults, there is a little bit of something for all the older people.

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How to Organize Yourself and Your Home Office for Better Productivity

How to Organize Yourself and Your Home Office for Better Productivity

More and more people every day choose to leave their offices and move their work to their home. And it’s not a huge surprise, especially when you consider all the benefits: flexible hours, no wasting time commuting, an abundance of comfort and many other. However, if you want to keep yourself productive at home just as much you were in your real office, here are some organizational tips that will help minimize distractions and boost your focus.

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Fear Is A Liar – Real Life Struggles


I am going to let you in on my innermost thoughts for a moment. I am one of the most insecure women I know. You know why? Because most everyone else puts on a front just like I do. SO, in my mind, I am the most insecure woman I know! Most people who know me may think the opposite. We do we try to act like our insecurities don’t control us yet deep down in, most women (including me) battle intense insecurities. 

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Florida Dream Vacation for Kids and Parents Alike

What to Do to Make Your Child’s Florida Dream Vacation

As a mom, vacations are not always about ME. I have a husband and three children. Typically when planning a vacation, my husband and I try to focus on what our children would have fun doing. This year, we wanted to go bigger and give our children a Florida dream vacation. Looking back, my husband and I had as much fun as the children! Here is what we did.

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