Vomit Varmints Brings “Character” to Burp Cloths #Review

Vomit Varmints – Fun Animal Shaped Burp Cloths

One word that will make just about any parent cringe is…. spit-up. Some babies do it more than others, but if you have ever been a parent to a newborn….. you know that it is all part of the reality of having a baby. The fun colored, animal shaped Vomit Varmints Burp Cloths make dealing with spit-up easier.

Vomit Varmints

Quality & Make of Vomit Varmints 

The absorbent burp cloths, made of three layers of 100% cotton flannel, are both designed AND manufactured in the Unites States. They are high-quality with their tight stitching that makes them stay together through many washes! You KNOW that they will need to go through the wash over and over and over again! 

Vomit Varmints

Vomit Varmints Characters

Each of the burp cloths are in the shape of an animal. They have fun colors and patterns including chevron and polka dots. The shape of the animals helps keep the burp cloth from falling off the shoulder! 

Vomit Varmints

If you are going to have to deal with the spit-up, you might as well find a little humor in it. My friend just yesterday shared a photo she had taken. As she was in the middle of a selfie with her baby, her baby spit-up ALL over. The photo caught her in the act. It is moments like that when we just have to find humor or it will drive us CRAZY! Vomit Varmints Burp Cloths even have catchy, humorous names.

  • Ralph the Rabbit
  • Hurl the Squirrel
  • Upchuck the Chipmunk
  • Pukey the Penguin
  • Retch the Rhino
  • Heaver the Beaver

Vomit Varmints

Make sure you check out Fluff & CO Vomit Varmints Burp Cloths for fun, useful gifts or for your very own baby!

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