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There are no sales without customers. And there are no customers without trust. Having a good online store design opens up a whole range of possibilities, but getting users to bet on your business requires work. Differentiating your brand from the rest is the first step. A powerful, reliable and positive image is the great objective. For this, one of the first steps is to bet on a transparent speech. 

The user must feel safe when making a purchase, especially if it is online, a barrier that is still too big for some people. It is vital that the client knows who is behind the brand, for example, with a space dedicated to explaining it on the website. This will increase web conversion and loyalty of your users.

Gain Trust, A Clear Objective In Your Online Store

Contact is another essential point to tip the balance. Email, telephone, live chat, Skype, Whatsapp. The more channels that are offered to the user to be able to raise their doubts with the company, the better image they will have of it. There are different seals, although the most valued in Paris is Dupont, they provide exclusive offers on all products.

Social networks, especially the Facebook messaging system, are also important. A 24-hour service is not necessary, by establishing a consultation schedule and complying with it, the client will be satisfied. The icing on the cake is to use a close language, which transmits confidence and moves away from commercial or robotic messages.

Social networks not only serve us to contact our customers, but also to find out their opinion of both the store and its operation. Rather than worry about having a profile on all of them, the ideal thing to do is to concentrate our efforts on monitoring the basic ones, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Reacting in time to a negative comment, turning it into a positive opinion, or managing a possible online reputation crisis is key points.

It is also considerable to spend time customizing the online store. Using original photos of the products, resorting to our own models and not falling into the classic images of digital banks will allow our business to differentiate itself and transmit confidence to the user. Showing the same photograph of an existing product on another page or online store can make the customer doubt what they are buying or from whom.

But none of this is useful if your online store does not meet the basic security requirement. The main one is the data protection policy, which must be available to the user at any time to be able to read it before buying. This is not a simple advice, but a legal requirement that can lead to problems in the future. 

Using the HTTPS system is becoming more and more basic, since browsers have expanded their visibility in recent times. Having an encrypted channel for information traffic allows our online store to appear shielded as ‘Secure’, while not having it can cause distrust by showing a hesitant ‘Not secure’ next to the web address.

Quality Seals In Your Online Store

Quality seals play a major role in increasing customer confidence. They certify that the business is not only legal, but that it is verified and even recommended. In case of doubt, having the support of a badge is decisive for the user to choose one online store or another.

Offering Customization

When it comes to establishing trust in your online store, it’s essential to partner with reliable services. Consider utilizing the benefits of print on demand for online businesses through Gelato’s platform, which allows you to provide high-quality customized products to your customers

Offering customizable products in your online store opens up a whole new world of possibilities for both you as the seller and your customers. The benefits are undeniable – customers get to unleash their creativity by personalizing their purchases, while you get to unlock a whole new revenue stream.

One of the most significant advantages of offering customizable products is the ability to cater to individual tastes and preferences. Each customer has their own unique style and vision, and by providing them with the opportunity to customize their purchases, you give them a sense of empowerment and ownership over their product choices. This level of personalization not only increases customer satisfaction but also fosters a deeper connection between your brand and its consumers.

In addition, offering customizable products sets you apart from competitors who provide cookie-cutter options. In today’s saturated online marketplace, standing out is key to success. By giving customers the ability to create one-of-a-kind items, you offer something truly special that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Not only does this reinforce customer loyalty but it also acts as free advertising through word-of-mouth recommendations – after all, who wouldn’t want to show off their unique custom-made purchase? So go ahead, embrace customization in your online store; it’s time for your customers’ imagination (and your sales) to soar!

Payment Methods For Your Online Store

The form of payment is perhaps the most important point of all. When closing a purchase, the user must have the peace of mind that the money is in good hands. In addition to offering variety when choosing, it is even more important that the options are safe and convey confidence. PayPal is the other great asset of eCommerce, used by more and more users. In its favor, its effective claims system, which creates double protection for the user: if there is a problem with the store, PayPal allows you to deal with the incident directly with it. Although of course, the ideal is that our online store does not generate problems for the customer.

With the purchase almost in your pocket, the ideal is that there are no last-minute surprises just before confirming the payment. One of the most frustrating points for users is seeing how the price displayed by the online store increases considerably at the time of closing the transaction, whether due to commissions, shipping costs or other costs. A good way to gain customer trust is to always make it clear what the final price of the product is. Or at least, have easy access to the total cost before checking out.

Be Aware Of Your Client’s Needs

At this point, guarantees, changes and returns come into play. As is logical, offering the user the possibility of changing the product if they are not satisfied is an important claim. Also, the guarantee that you have in case of damage and the refund of money if you finally want to cancel the purchase. 

The latter together with the changes is easily manageable by the store, while the guarantee, however, depends on the sale. If it is an own production, the guarantee will fall entirely on us. In the case of offering third-party products, it is most likely that they have their own service. In any case, it is important to inform the buyer of all this clearly, knowing how long they have to return the product, what the guarantee covers, for how long and who is in charge of it.

Finally, it is important that the user receives the purchase invoice almost instantly by email. However, it is not advisable to use this route for other purposes, since the effect can be a deterrent. If we have not been able to give the client permission to send them promotional emails, it is better not to include them automatically.

A mixture of having great customer service along with these tips will help you gain trust with your clients on your online store.

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