8 Tips for Traveling to Pigeon Forge with Kids

Pigeon Forge with Kids
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich: Pexels

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Great Smoky Mountains, the small mountain town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, awaits to charm its visitors. Offering a diverse range of attractions, from breathtaking natural beauty to vibrant entertainment venues, Pigeon Forge is a traveler’s delight.

Drawing thousands of tourists annually, this destination caters to every kind of traveler – nature enthusiasts, food lovers, or those seeking rejuvenation.

However, when traveling with kids, feeling a bit overwhelmed is normal. But fear not! With the right accommodations and careful planning, your trip can be an unforgettable adventure for the whole family.

To ensure you make the most of your visit and have a stress-free time with the little ones, we’ve compiled eight tips to make traveling with kids a breeze.

Tips to Travel to Pigeon Forge with Kids

Choosing the Right Accommodation

Selecting the right accommodation for your Pigeon Forge trip is crucial to ensure an enjoyable experience. While hotels can be a good option, we highly recommend cabin rentals for the ultimate family getaway. 

Cabin rentals provide a host of amenities that cater perfectly to families. With ample space for your kids to play and opportunities for quality family time, cabins offer a homely environment that makes traveling much more relaxed. Plus, having a kitchen in the cabin allows you to prepare meals, which is a great advantage if you have picky eaters in the family. 

When you pick a rental cabin, check its closeness to the places you want to visit. Many Pigeon Forge TN cabin rentals have great mountain views, fun game tables, and hot tubs. Some of them even allow pets. 

So, whether you want to relax by the fireplace, have a romantic time, or entertain your kids, these cabins have it all. And the best part? They are budget-friendly too!

Best Time for the Trip

The best time to visit Pigeon Forge will depend on your family’s preferences because there are exciting events throughout the year. 

  • From June to August, you can enjoy water parks, river cruises, and nature walks in the warm summer months. 
  • From September to November, autumn brings an excellent time for outdoor activities and scenic drives. 
  • December to February is perfect for holiday gatherings and indoor fun like museum visits.
  • Similarly, spring, from March to May, when the weather is nice, is a great time to explore the outdoors. 

Packing Wisely

Packaging smart is essential when traveling to Pigeon Forge with your kids. 

  • You must pack clothes properly because you have to face different weather conditions. For instance, swimming gear for water fun and hiking gear for outdoor adventures. 
  • Pack other essentials like toiletries, medicines, and baby care products. 
  • Think about what you will do in your spare time, such as reading a book or playing a game. 
  • Remember valuables like maps, guidebooks, chargers, and cameras to capture your best moments. 

These simple packing tips can make your Pigeon Forge trip smoother and more enjoyable. 

Making Most of Local Attractions

Pigeon Forge has many fun places for kids

  • Dollywood in Pigeon Forge is one of the most popular theme parks in the US. 
  • The Island is another popular attraction where you can shop, dine, ride the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, and much more. 

Popular spots are best visited early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid crowds. 

Although many recreational activities can keep you busy all day, children need time to relax. So, plan some time to relax between visiting different attractions to make the trip enjoyable for everyone. 

Pigeon Forge with kids
Image by Mike Whitener from Pixabay

Dining with Kids in Pigeon Forge 

You can eat at some great places when you visit Pigeon Forge with your family. 

When you eat out with kids, it’s wise to check the menus online first to ensure they have food your kids like. If your kids are picky, choose restaurants with familiar foods they enjoy. You can also attend one of the many family-friendly dinner shows in Pigeon Forge that offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

Remember to bring snacks for the kids while waiting for meals. 

Outdoor Activities for Families

Pigeon Forge is a great place for families to enjoy the outdoors. There are many different activities to choose from, depending on your interests and the age of your children. 

There are a lot of kid-friendly hiking trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and you can pick one of these. Some of the most famous ones are the Laurel Falls Trail and Grotto Falls Trail. 

Moreover, many animals live in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, such as deer, bears, and elk. You can see these animals by driving through Cades Cove. 

Rainy Day Activities

Even if the weather is rainy or cold outside, there are plenty of fun things to do in Pigeon Forge with your family. 

You can visit the Titanic Museum Attraction and learn about the Titanic. Many bowling alleys in Pigeon Forge offer a variety of games and activities. This is a great way to have fun and stay active on a rainy day. You can even take selfies with wax figures of famous Hollywood stars at the Hollywood Wax Museum. 

And if you like crafts, you can watch local artists at work and even take craft classes in the Arts and Crafts Community. 

Safety Comes First

Safety should always come first when planning a family trip to Pigeon Forge. Remember to stay vigilant even in fun places like theme parks or exploring the city.

Before you head out:

  1. Talk with your kids about safety rules.
  2. Carry a first-aid kit with band-aids and wipes for minor accidents.

And before you set your travel dates, check the Pigeon Forge weather forecast. 


Wrapping up, a trip to Pigeon Forge with your kids can be great fun with some planning. So, pack smartly, remember a first-aid kit, choose a cozy place to stay, and go over safety rules with your kids. Also, check the weather before you go. Doing all this will make your trip safe, fun, and memorable. Have a fantastic trip!

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