Transform your Backyard into a Paradise Resort

We all have a need for our piece of heaven, especially during the summer. That’s the time of the year when it’s time to pack your bags and fly off to some luxurious resort. But not all of us have the privilege to go on these, usually very costly vacations. Does this mean that some of us will have to go with the fact that our place in paradise has been denied? Not necessarily – if you can’t go to heaven, bring heaven to you. Here are some tips on how to create your paradise resort in your own backyard.

Paradise Resort

Create the experience by yourself

Every tourism offer is based on the skill to create a unique experience. When you think about it – nature is nature and nice weather is nice weather, wherever you are. But the trick is to get the most out of it. The main difference between some holiday resorts and your backyard is the fact that in the first place you have people taking care of your experience while in the second you need to create it yourself. And that’s not so hard to accomplish. The main thing is to have a comfy place to sit or lie down and for that, you don’t need some expensive stylish stuff – a couple of soft blankets and throw pillows will do the job. The next step is to tame nature – we all love the sun, but not in our eyes or burning our skin. At a holiday resort, you’ll have to rent a parasol every day, while for the backyard you can choose from a variety of efficient and cheap awnings that are gonna keep the sun at bay whenever you want.

After dark

Holiday resorts are breathtaking due to the mother nature during the day, but what makes them remain magical after dark? The answer is simple – lighting. If you use the light right, you can also achieve that breathtaking atmosphere and turn your backyard into a magical fairy kingdom. It’s enough to visit the nearest home depot, equip yourself with some outdoor rope lights and wrap them around your trees and bushes. Just don’t take the ones with too many colors – you’re in the process of creating a subtle magic, not a kitschy teenage outdoor party. And when it comes to fairy kingdoms there has to be a slight touch of esoteric – put some candles (maybe scented ones) inside a couple of old jars. Then just put some sand on your flower beds and place the jars in it. You can also hang the jars on the trees or on the fence, making it look like the sky is filled with giant fireflies.

Get things tropical

For a sunny parades resort, you’re going to need the right garden. The goal is to create an exotic environment, so, if you don’t already have some tropical plants now is the time to plant them. Once you start to check out your options you’ll probably be amazed by the vast variety of choices. But you need to be aware of your climate in order to be sure that the plants you choose could survive (or even bloom) in them. If you don’t have time for this kind of research you can simply go with most adaptable ones – you’ll be surprised to know that you can even have some trees that originate from the Caribbean inside your backyard.

Time for a splash

Now the only remaining thing you need to have a full paradise resort experience is a pool. Of course, you can’t have one of those huge and fancy ones, but those are pools for a large number of people. This one will be just yours (and maybe some lucky friends) and you can easily make it yourself. You can put it anywhere you like, but is recommendable to place it near your ‛relaxing positions’ – the thing with the pools is that you’re not swimming in them that much, you just want to know it’s there as a part of the overall experience. Check Discount Pool Supply for a variety of above-ground pools.

And there you have it – some comfy seats, a nice shade, subtle lights among the tropical plants, and the reflection of water – and your own small paradise is finished.

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