6 Expert Tips for Buying Patio Furniture

buying patio furniture
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The warm weather is upon us and for most people, this means taking advantage of the outdoors. This entails styling the outdoor living spaces, which can be an exhilarating process, especially when you are looking forward to relaxing or entertaining your loved ones and guests. One of the first things that come to mind is purchasing patio furniture from an outdoor furniture retailer. While this activity can be fun, there are several things you may want to consider to ensure you get the right pieces for your needs. That said, here are a few expert tips for when you are buying patio furniture.

Create a List of Your Needs

This one is a no-brainer, but some people tend to overlook it. The first thing is to consider the primary purpose of the outdoor space. Do you want it to function as a place to host your guests for evening parties or do you want to serve as a space to unwind after a long day? 

Create a list of the things you wish to do in the space and let them guide you for the type of furniture to purchase. You can then go to a site such as The Designer Rooms to make your purchases. 

Try the Seating Before Making the Purchase

Whenever you’re buying a patio chair or sofa, it goes without saying that you ought to try it first. The outdoor seating will likely be used frequently, particularly during summer and so, it’s important to ensure it is comfortable and will be able to withstand the elements. Look for wood furniture with fluffy pillows or pieces with plush cushions made of weather-resistant fabrics. 

Pick Easy-Care Pieces

You’re investing in outdoor furniture so that you can enjoy the look and feel, not spend most of your hours doing maintenance. As such, go for pieces that require little care. Cedar, teak, and metal are all materials that can withstand the elements. With just a bit of occasional cleaning, furniture designed from these forgiving materials will serve you for years to come. Also, consider getting pillows and cushions with removable covers that can be easily washed. 

Don’t Forget the Storage

Summer won’t last forever and so, it is best to consider the storage space during winter. A shed, basement, or garage will protect the furniture from the elements, adding more years to the pieces. Even the toughest wrought-iron or teak chairs won’t last for many years if they are constantly exposed to the elements. This also means that you should get furniture that can fit in your storage space. If it’s limited, then opt for stackable or folding pieces. You can also go for those that are easy to disassemble. 

Match the Colors to the Exterior Décor

Who said you are only limited to neutral colors for outdoor furniture? Nowadays, wood, metal, and wicker pieces are available in a vast array of shades or finishes. However, you will want to enhance your outdoor space appeal by choosing furnishings that match or complement the colors in the home’s exterior, landscaping, or other outdoor décor. If you come across a piece you really like but isn’t available in the right color, a quick DIY paint job should do the trick.

Get High-Quality Pieces

They say ‘You Get What You Pay For’! Well, this could not be further from the truth when it comes to outdoor furniture. For example, plastic resin tables and chairs might look appealing at the store, but they will quickly fade and become brittle when exposed to the sun for a while. The same applies to wicker pieces and wood products. Do your homework before shopping. Seek recommendations from people with the outdoor furniture you might like, read customer reviews, and make comparisons. If you have a budget (which you should), spend more on the pieces that will be used more frequently like a sturdy dining table and comfy patio seating. You can then spend less on smaller accessories like pillows. 

With these simple and straightforward tips, you can be certain that you’ll make the right decision in this year’s patio furniture purchase.

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