Ways To Keep Your Teen Safe When Riding A Motorcycle

Riding A Motorcycle
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The thought of teens driving a vehicle can make parents anxious and with good reason. After all, statistics show that more than 200,000 teenagers are injured every year in car accidents. It’s even worse for young motorcycle riders as, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 have a fatal crash rate nearly three times as high as drivers ages 20 and older. However, there’s no denying the fact that teenagers have to have a way to get to school or work, and if public transportation or a private car isn’t an option, then a motorcycle could be the most practical choice. 

Apart from being easy to maintain, a motorcycle is perfect for teens who are on a budget since it has low fuel consumption. It also takes up less space, so finding a parking spot is a cinch, and it’s more environmentally friendly since it emits less carbon emissions than other means of transportation. Riding a motorcycle does present a few dangers, but there are a few things parents can do to ensure that their teenage child stays safe while on the road. Here’s how to keep your teen out of harm’s way while riding a motorcycle.

Encourage Them to Get a Motorcycle License

Most states require riders to take an approved motorcycle safety course before getting a license. This means that your teen will have to practice driving and keep safety measures in mind if they want to be able to drive a motorcycle legally. Moreover, evidence shows that getting a motorcycle license can help one stay safe while on the road. According to recent data, motorcycle accidents usually involve untrained drivers, and 36 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involve riders who do not have a license to drive their vehicle.   

Keep in mind, though, that even if your teen did all the work to get a proper license and be a responsible driver, there’s still a chance that they can get into a crash with another motorcycle rider. If that happens, you’ll need to make sure that your teen gets rightfully compensated for their injuries. Getting medical treatment or physical therapy can be costly, so consult motorcycle accident lawyers to know what you can do to get proper compensation.  

Get Them Some Quality Safety Gear

Wearing safety gear is essential for all motorcycle riders. Get your teen a full-face motorcycle helmet since it protects their head against all potential impacts. Make sure that it fits right and that it’s not too tight or too loose. They should also wear gloves and a motorcycle jacket since it offers abrasion resistance in case your teen falls off their bike and they slide down the road. Motorcycle pants are also a must– look for ones with removable pads on the knees and hips to provide an extra layer of protection. Add a pair of motorcycle boots to their gear to protect their feet and ankles while they’re on the road. 

Teach Them to Make Good Choices

There will be times when riding a bike is an absolute no-no. This includes having a faulty brake, harsh weather conditions, or being sick, among others. Remind your teen to always make smart choices, and that it’s better to be late or not go at all if there’s a chance that their safety is going to be compromised. Also, teach them to practice safety always, and remind them that they should obey traffic rules at all times, be observant, and inspect their motorcycle before each ride. 

It can be nerve-wracking to see your teen on a motorcycle. But with practice, vigilance, and by following safety rules, your teenager can stay safe while they’re on the road.  

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