Dog Bite Prevention Training Your Dog Not to Bite

Dog Bite Prevention Training Your Dog Not to Bite

Is a dog a lovable family companion or a dangerous threat? Perhaps both-depending upon the conditions and the environment in which a dog is raised. We all love our dogs. But are dogs dangerous? Much of the answer lies in the hands of the dog owner and the training a dog or puppy receives.

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Should Dogs Be Given Bones to Chew

Should Dogs Be Given Bones to Chew

Giving a dog a bone seems natural, but an FDA alert cautions otherwise. Here we will look at why bones aren’t safe for dogs and offer some alternatives.

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8 Dangerous Foods and What Foods To Feed Your Pet

8 Dangerous Foods That Threaten Pet Health and What Foods TO Feed Your Pet

Dogs, cats, and birds typically savor the “people food” they manage to sneak off the kitchen counter. But some foods are dangerous and even deadly to pets if consumed in large amounts. Contact a veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Control Poison Center at 888-426-4435 if an animal exhibits symptoms associated with poisoning.

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Pet Gift Guide 2019

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Bringing Your Pets on Road Trips

Road Trips With Pets

We love our EZDog products! When our puppies first came to live with us, we reviewed their harnesses, collars, and leashes. Fast forward five months and our little pups are ready to get out into the world! What better way to jump-start their adventures than to get them prepared with EZDog.

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