Dog Bite Prevention Training Your Dog Not to Bite

Is a dog a lovable family companion or a dangerous threat? Perhaps both-depending upon the conditions and the environment in which a dog is raised. We all love our dogs. But are dogs dangerous? Much of the answer lies in the hands of the dog owner and the training a dog or puppy receives.

dog bite

People rely on dogs for friendship and companionship. Dogs long for attention and a sense of belonging. But what happens when dogs attack?

Media coverage of such – albeit infrequent – attacks reminds us that dogs can cause harm.

The answer is not to blame the animal. Instead, those who care for dogs need to look in the mirror. Dogs haven’t changed. However, some dog owners need to, according to the experts.

The public needs to understand that although dogs are domesticated animals, they all still possess innate instincts that pose a degree of threat to people – regardless of breed. The environment dogs are exposed to will ultimately determine the threat they pose to others.

Judy Emmert, the owner of Dealing with Dogs, an Ontario-based dog training school, stresses the importance of teaching’ bite inhibition’ to puppies, and the earlier, the better – optimally, before 18 weeks of age.

All dogs are going to bite if given the opportunity. As owners, we all need to manage our dog’s life so that it is never in a situation where it can cause harm.

Early Dog Education Tips – for both the Dog and Family

All family members need to know how to control the pet.

As a parent, work to control the behavior of your children around dogs. Teach them to respect the animals – and their space. Children who receive bites may have done something as simple as having reached for the dog’s collar. To a dog, this can be perceived as an aggressive act.

Teach children what to do in the presence of a strange dog. Always ask the dog’s owner if it is all right to approach the dog. If it is okay, give the dog the opportunity to smell the child’s hand if it does appear to be friendly. Keep a close eye and ear while your child gets near a dog, especially if they are a stranger to the dog. If the dog isn’t interested, don’t push it. A wagging tail doesn’t necessarily mean a dog is friendly.

Early Socialization for the Dog

Dogs need to be comfortable with other dogs and humans in different situations. This will help the dog learn to adapt to the unknown and, therefore, not be fearful. Dogs often respond to fearful situations with aggressive behavior.

Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment, and training is essential. It (taking on the care of a dog) shouldn’t be an impulsive act, and people need to take into account the suitability of the dog or breed for certain situations.

Use positive reinforcement when training— punishment doesn’t work. Dogs are not human beings. As much as we think we know our animals, we can’t be sure 100% of the time what they will do.

During Puppy Teething 

Puppies are known for their desire to chew on everything that they come in contact with… including hands that are just trying to pet them. When petting your puppy, consider offering your puppy a favorite chew toy to keep their mouth occupied. When a puppy is teething, they are just looking for some relief for their painful new teeth trying to come in. Consider how a baby will chew on a mother’s hands or necklace. Puppies are not trying to be vicious when they are teething. Instead, they are looking for the same relief that babies are looking for. The difference is, they already have a mouth full of teeth that can be sharp and painful if they bite down too hard (especially on a child’s tender skin). 

SodaPup Toys are an excellent choice for teething puppies. SodaPup offers toys that are almost indestructible while still being FDA compliant and nontoxic. While no toy is completely indestructible, the toys from SodaPup are extremely durable and great for power chewers. A few of our favorites include the SodaPup Key to My Heart which is a hard nylon red key-shaped toy made specifically for power chewers. It is great for heavy chewers that range between 15-80 lbs. 

Heart on a String is another great toy from SodaPup. Heart on a Sting toy is vet-approved AND dishwasher safe. When it comes to slobbery toys, knowing they can be sanitized every so often is a nice feature. The ridges on the heart both stimulates and cleans your dog’s teeth. Chew toys with ridges are great for helping prevent tooth decay and bad breath!

One of our puppy’s absolute favorite chew toys is the Honey Bone. We use this bone often when we are working on brushing her beautiful coat. He has chewed on this bone for hours already and has barely made a scratch on the bone. He never gets bored of his Honey Bone. Plus, it keeps his breath smelling good!

Need to keep your pup entertained a bit longer? The Treat Dispensers from SodaPup are a great resource. Start by choosing from a variety of sizes based on your dog’s weight. Next, you will find several different types of toys such as grenades, soda cans, coffee cups, footballs, cupcakes, frogs, and more. Inside, you place a treat so that your dog will try to chew even harder to get the reward… a healthy treat! The great thing is, they keep dogs entertained for hours and can be refilled with more treats at any point.

When all is said and done, the dog owner has to be held responsible for the companion animal. Owning a dog needs to be perceived as a privilege, not a right. There is an inherent responsibility that goes along with caring for an animal. The penalty (for dog bites) to the dog owner needs to be severe enough to force people to pay attention to their dogs and also to avoid circumstances that may potentially be disastrous.

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