Have You Seen the New Thirty-One Home Decor Product Line?

 A Twist to Thirty-One Gifts – Home Decor Product Line

When I think of Thirty-One, I think of purses and bags. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the company offers a home accessories line as well as their more well-known line of totes, handbags, and travel accessories. Not only do they provide accessories for the home, but they also offer an option to have each item personalized. I love the idea of adding a personal touch to unique items in a home!

Home Decor

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Moms of Little Ones Organization Tips

Organization Tips for Moms

Being an organized mom is not just for our benefit. Our children (even babies) can sense our stress levels and in turn, increase their stress levels. Being disorganized and unstructured can lead to intense stress for the whole family. We have to keep in mind that our children are learning from us and will most likely follow the same pattern as us. Lowering stress helps them now and teaching them organization helps them for later. Remember, our children ARE the future. Let’s look at a few organization tips for moms with small children.

organization tips

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Trolley Bags – The Organized Mom Must Have

For the Organized Mom on Mother’s Day

Written by Cheryl

As a busy grandma of eleven grandchildren, I know the importance of being organized on a day to day basis. Every mom and grandma I know loves being organized since being organized makes life so much easier. Because of that, I am excited about giving the Lotus Trolley Bag system to my daughters for Mother’s Day.

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How to Design a Perfect Walk-In Closet

How to Design a Perfect Walk-In Closet

If you have a breakdown every time you have to step into your closet because you can’t find anything you need, it’s time for a little makeover. Creating your dream closet is neither hard nor expensive, and here are a few tips and tricks you can do so your closet is always tidy, well-organized, and beautiful. Take a look.

walk-in closet

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How to Organize Yourself and Your Home Office for Better Productivity

How to Organize Yourself and Your Home Office for Better Productivity

More and more people every day choose to leave their offices and move their work to their home. And it’s not a huge surprise, especially when you consider all the benefits: flexible hours, no wasting time commuting, an abundance of comfort and many other. However, if you want to keep yourself productive at home just as much you were in your real office, here are some organizational tips that will help minimize distractions and boost your focus.

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