Lottie Dolls Giveaway Open to US Ends 11/22

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Open to US Only – Ends 11/22

Lottie dolls giveaway

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We love Lottie Dolls around the Smith house! Check out this incredible giveaway. It would be perfect for Christmas gifts for your little ones!!!
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#WIN Lottie Doll Giveaway Open WorldWide Ends 11/2

Lottie Doll

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Benefits of Children Role-Playing with Dolls

Growing Up Is Hard To Do, Role-Playing Will Help

Whimpers and whines coming from my four-year-old often lead to me commenting, “It is so tough being four, isn’t it?”. I usually say it pretty sarcastically but really, it IS tough being four… and five… and six… and thirty-six! Regardless of your age, the pressures of life are real to you. Although my daughter isn’t dealing with “big” stressors like financial decisions, medical treatments, or parenting issues…. for her, sleeping in a dark room all by herself or getting picked on by kids at school are HUGE stressors! Life IS hard… even for a four year old!


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TWO Lottie Dolls Giveaway US Only Ends 9/30

Lottie Dolls Giveaway
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Lottie Dolls Keeps It Real

Lottie Dolls are Child Inspired

You walk in your daughter’s bedroom to find her playing with her dolls. A flood of memories thinking back to being a little girl yourself brings back happy memories. That is until you notice the high heels, makeup, jewelry, skimpy clothing on their dolls. The story line your daughter is acting out is more of a teenage sounding story line. The warm fuzzies have now just turned to a burning feeling deep in your soul. 

Lottie Dolls

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